Audio-Technica Debuts AT-PEQ30 "High-Performance" MM/MC Phono Stage

STOW, OH, October 20, 2020 -- Audio-Technica today announced the introduction of its AT-PEQ30 MM/MC phono preamp. The new phono preamp provides either 35dB (MM) or 59dB (MC) fixed gain, and 47kOhm (MM) and 120 ohm (MC) loading.

The design features a machined aluminum front panel, gold plated input and output connectors, FET input stage and 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. Line level output is 250mV for both MM and MC output.

The AT-PEQ30 is currently available and has a suggested retail price of $229.00.

AT-PEQ30 specifications

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... for the load capacitance on the MM input?
Likewise for the input overload voltage at either gain setting?
Is there a subsonic/infrasonic filter?

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i went to google and here is a full description that will answer most questions about this new product. i would love to try it out as i did the original Bellari. my opinion matched Michael's, and his review appeared after i made my own evaluation at home.

not being as agile as i once was during the fleeting time when i could easily maneuver about the stereo rack plus my available space has diminished with a move to my newer residence of retirement, i won't be doing that evaluation.

suffice it to say that i have honed my system into a pleasant and competent one with the final addition of my Rythmik sealed 12" servo sub.

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Is the 250 mV output for real? Standard line level out is typically 2V, 8x what this offers. I don't believe I've seen less than 1V even from some battery powered portable devices trying to save power.

If that rating is correct, this thing will need it's own step-up to match other line level device volume and this does not make any sense. Any normal phono stage will be kicking sand in this thing's face, and won't that be a beach?