AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect Sweepstakes

Register to win an AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect (MSRP $478) we are giving away.

According to AudioQuest:

Beautiful Sound ... From Any Computer: DragonFly is an affordable and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. DragonFly is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac or Windows PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

Whether you’re on the go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the emotional expression and nuance that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. However you connect it, DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better.

Plays All Music Files: MP3 to 24-bit/192kHz
Drives Headphones Directly
Variable Output Drives Powered Speakers or Power Amp
Fixed Output Feeds Preamp or Receiver
Asynchronous Transfer Ensures Digital Timing Integrity
Two Clocks Enable Native Resolution Up To 24-bit/96kHz

For this special sweepstakes, included with DragonFly is a low-distortion AudioQuest Sydney analog interconnect cable with a 3.5mm "mini" plug at the DragonFly end and stereo RCAs at the other end. From AQ's Bridges & Falls series, Sydney is all that's required to connect DragonFly to a full-blown audio rig just like a traditional DAC or disc player, or directly to a power amplifier. Sydney employs superior materials and design, including solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors, air-tube insulation, and AudioQuest's 3-layer Noise-Dissipation System for low distortion and high performance.

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kdl6769's picture

Would love one.

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   This thing looks sweet!

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I ripped my 800+ CD collection about 2 years ago. I used Exact Audio Copy, converted everything to FLAC and spent many, many hours sorting out the meta tagging.  Finally, job done. Or so I thought... 

I have a reasonable system; all Linn front end (Linn LP12, Lingo, Mimik CD) with a modest amp and speakers and no means to playback my newly minted digital archive.  I spent 2 years reviewing DACs and streamers and the like. Finally I arrived at the conclusion that the best digital audio player is a laptop - reason? Because it is possible to select from a range of specialist media player software that can be fine tuned and updated.  This in contrast to a streaming device where you pretty much get what you get. In addition, a laptop can work equally as well as a streamer from a NAS.  So I'm looking at a new laptop + JRiver.  In the meantime I've been suffering with a circa 2004 Lenovo pentium laptop, Win XP. Not a pleasant sound.

About a month ago I took the plunge and purchased a Dragonfly. My biggest concern was that the aging Lenovo would not have the firepower to drive the DAC without pops and clicks and under runs - no such problems.  In fact playback is so good, I've delayed the purchase of the new laptop.  I'm streaming using Logitech Media Server and Squeeze play Beta.  The sound quality is beyond expectations.

In AB testing against my Linn CD player the Dragonfly equipped laptop has the edge on clarity, it allows me to peer deeper into the sound-scape and presents the music a few rows further forward.  The overall effect is a clearer picture with slightly better detailed high frequency reproduction. Midrange performance is on a par with the aging Linn CD player - which has a very neutral presentation - female jazz vocals are very present. Laura Fygi's vocals on her 1991 'introducing album are mellifluous and contoured. By contrast, Leonard Cohen's sometimes nasal presentation is superbly reproduced on 'Everybody Knows'.  What about the bass? William Orbit's 'Strange cargo III' is resplendent with deep, rich bass that can sound somewhat monotone on lesser systems. On both the Linn and the Dragonfly the base was musical and exciting with it's own musicality and texture.

Overall, I would give the Dragonfly the edge over the Linn by a short nose.  However I would expect that the performance could be further improved with better media-player software and better interconnects - I'm currently using a 3.5mm to RCA after-market Apple product.

If you're sitting on the fence over this product, you're just wasting precious time that you could be spending listening to your music.  I now need a second Dragonfly for my office system!  Pick me please.

Sinny's picture

Heard great things about this DAC would love to win it

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Sign me up.  Mucho gracias.

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Would love to see what all the hype is about this 'thing'.

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Would love to have one of these to go with my electric drumset.

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I am dying to hear the dragonfly, & I hope I get the chance to!  Thanks for the contest!

midfiguy's picture

Can't listen to vinyl all the time.

audiot's picture

I'm listening to my flacs via usb from my old Vaio laptop. I really need an external usb DAC!

homersoddishe's picture

Thank you, sir.

ZombieFish's picture

and pick me as the winner!

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I'll take it!

peterspencer10's picture

I'll take it!

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Dragonfly Fly By My Window
Dragonfly Don't Keep Me Waiting
Dragonfly You've Been Away Too Long
Dragonfly The Years Ahead Will Show
The Lonely Nights, Come On Home
And Make It Right

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Count me in!

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I'm in.

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What is this.. how do you say it? ...DragonFly? Fly by my window.... I'm waiting, can't you see me?, I'm waiting.

gregjb's picture

Great compliment for the MacPro and Pure Music.

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It's not analog...but sweet none the less. Thanks ya'll.

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Thanks AnalogPlanet for the opportunity.

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This would work quite well..

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I'm in!



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This looks really cool!

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Cool, need to upgrade my computer sound.

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Thank you for the opportunity.

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One of the Stereophile recommended products of the year!

Brother John's picture

Dear Mikey,

     Just want you to know that when It comes to vinyl reviews you are on the money almost 100% of the time as far as sound quality is concerened. Audiophile Vinyl is not cheap so you've really helped me to make the best purchasing decisons over the years. 

My Ears Than you for This as well as my wallet!

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This would be a great way to get my daughter to listen to music through something other than laptop speakers.

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might be the trick for portable audio

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...of a good DAC

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This would make a great addition to my laptop. Please pick me!!!!

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Every "bit" of me is hoping this entry will 'Fly'. 

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I would love to add one of these to my hifi!

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I can't remember, so I'd better post now, just in case I didn't before.  Oh, brain. 

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My official entry!

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...for the opportunity.  My laptop really NEEDS something like this!

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Dragonfly... now that is a great Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush tune.

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I've been interested in this.

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I'm in it to win it!



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This is probably one of the most innovative products I've ever seen.  I want one!

Wcwc's picture

I could really use this.

mtbikemusic's picture

I'm itching to pull the trigger on something that sounds better than my Airport Express.

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I would love to win.

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Hope I'm lucky enough to win.   :)

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Chuck Martin's picture

Dragonfly sounds like a great product from recent reviews!

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Next year: the Dick Tracey 2-way wrist TV ships.

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I have heard this is an excellent and portable product.

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...what are they thinking? 



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Exciting to see a giveaway on this site.

As always, slimmest of shots to win, but "what if..."

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cool device

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Thank You!

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Could use a new-free- DAC. Now back to the Beatles box and MF's reviews.

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Hoping for the best news!

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a huge improvement.

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I would bet.

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yea... this is amaing.. and I have been wanting it for some time!

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rpm's picture

Sooo much love too's........

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Looks great! Would love to get a chance to use them in my home and office with my Grado Sr 60i's

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I haven't won anything for 203942039482309481 years.. this sounds impressive.. uhh.. I mean, I haven't heard what it sounds like, yet, but it reads impressive.. ugh.. grammar! bad!.. AudioQuest makes good stuff.. I'd love to cozy up to this prize.. please make it so.. Thank you, and have a Happy Merry.. anyone sick of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" yet?.. hey! look! a mattress sale!.. is there ever NOT a mattress sale?..

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It's not vinyl related.

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I do not have a computer audio system.  I would like to hear what the Dragonfly provides.  Reviews are all positive,

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enter me in the contest please!

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I saw this on the Stereophile front page and thought it looked cool, and after seeing the glowing reviews, I'd love to have one.

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Great for road trips!

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I really need one of these, thank you.

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This would be alot nicer than my cheap $30 sound card.