Bryston Target HR50 Loudspeaker Stands Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Bryston Target HR50 Loudspeaker Stands ($339/pr Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Target's HR50 20" tall stands are constructed entirely of steel and are ideal for even heavy bookshelf loudspeakers. Two rectangular risers bolt to thick top and bottom plates. The risers are fillable with aquarium rock or other media for even greater mass. Floor spikes, speaker pads and isolation spikes are included. The stands are made in Canada and distributed by Bryston Ltd.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

anomaly7's picture

I know just the speakers I could elevate with these, if I won.

Vinylghost's picture

I need them more than you.^

Ortofan's picture

... I'm the lucky commenter chosen at random to receive the prize.

adcastro's picture

These babies would match perfectly with my newly acquired Spendor S3/5s.

cobra_verde's picture

Please don't stand me up.

HiFiMark's picture

pick Mark

sboone's picture

Hope I'm lucky enough to win!

Genursus's picture

Hoping for good luck this year - love to see these in my office!

audiot's picture

Who do I tell where to send these babies to?

mikerr's picture


noirx7's picture

Would be pleased with these!

Trace's picture

I'm in !

audiof001's picture

I feel light, I feel free!

jdmoviebuff's picture

Nice stands ‼️

recordhead's picture

not profane or spam

gnatster's picture

Nice giveaway.

Ktracho's picture

Do these stands come with any speakers?

Manimaldoug's picture

Sign me up:)

nelsonkiwi's picture

I really would like these!

DaK's picture

I need new speakers, please!

jrhud's picture

Count me in.

Yanakis Dionisios's picture

Feelin' Lucky!

Kylene's picture

... but no Money left for nice stands, would be really happy to get a pair of theese :)

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

Roy Martin's picture

...and thank you.

"There are two little magic words
That can open any door with ease...(etc.)"

Shoey's picture

by your man . . . while he listens to his speakers resting a top his new stands. PS. Co-written by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill and originally recorded by Wynette, released as a single in the United States in September 1968. One of her biggest hits.

Merry Christmas. Love the site.

TerryWI's picture

Entry comment...

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Kurt's picture


kb54's picture

I'm gonna win these!

Zardoz's picture

Happy Holidays to everyone, even the trolls.

Curvfalls's picture


Chris Everhart's picture

Been wanting to replace current tower speakers with small monitors, just need these stands. Oh please, Santa please.

Chris Everhart's picture

Been wanting to replace current tower speakers with small monitors, just need these stands. Oh please, Santa please.

brentc's picture


spin33.3's picture take these :-)

Happy Holidays!

afarooqui's picture

love to get a pair!

Happy Holidays!

starman1573's picture

These stands would make my poor system really stand out. Thanks Santa.

colorsquid's picture

above the rest.

econalan's picture

I'll take them!

JoeESP9's picture

I'm certain I've won. Send them to me poste haste.

dolsey01's picture

Maybe the Holidays will be good to me.

HalSF's picture

Comment something something Mugatu gimme those stands!

M-Sevs's picture

Please's picture

Just bought a very expensive pair of Harbeth- I need this!

tbromgard's picture

I have some new monitors that need some stands

cdvinyl's picture

Love these in my home

terrybbagit's picture

Obviously if you want comments this is the way to do it

shellac45A's picture


jeni83's picture

This is exciting because I'm getting a pair of B6's for xmas. Your site has been a great resource as I've built my modest setup :) Thanks!

kruhlin's picture

I'm in.

xtcfan80's picture

I would love to win these

alexdias's picture

on my living room. Thanks Santa!

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

Glotz's picture

Don't want em... Merry Xmas to all others in winning!

Wait will these work with Magnepans? Lol, kidding.

kozakjj's picture

If I win

mcrazz's picture

I need them so I can buy some ELAC's

Bob Harden's picture

Looking forward to setting these up...

amudhen's picture

Would love to win these stands

bramdg's picture

Stand .... in the place where I live

jimgross2016's picture

... of your year end generosity!!

Happy Holidays! By more rekkids!!

tbromgard's picture

these stands to me, please

patreides's picture

Best of luck to all.

guitarsg5's picture

I'm wanting to build a system around some Harbeth BBC style monitors, please me me me!

vinylvin's picture

They look real nice.

pagopher's picture

An excellent product!

torturegarden's picture

Speaker stands. My cat would love to climb these.

Keebler's picture

These would really tie my room together.

RCZero's picture

Would be awesome.

Phil D's picture

Thanks for this.

mraudioguru's picture up!!!'s picture


orthobiz's picture

Hope I win!!!


scottinfl's picture

Even better if they are Free!!

jpartin's picture


Jenn's picture enter to win these stands. They would improve the sound of my little KEFs, I'm sure.

All the best,

Jumping Bean's picture

This would sure be a nice Christmas present to myself.

Jonathanmele's picture

Elevating the discussion

Brother John's picture

Already own a pair of top of the line 28 inch target speaker stands which are heavy as heck and help isolate my speakers even further than my old stands.
I now consider my Targets mandatory for extracting the most from my Opera Callas monitors. Thanks for posting Michael.

JanS's picture

The perfect stands for my Canadian speakers!

drobin71's picture

Happy holidays all and many good wishes... still I hope I win ;-)

jek's picture

Excuse to try out bookshelves!

Mr.Davidoff's picture

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita.

Ahi quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura
esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte
che nel pensier rinova la paura!

Tant’è amara che poco è più morte;
ma per trattar del ben ch’i’ vi trovai,
dirò de l’altre cose ch’i’ v’ho scorte.

Io non so ben ridir com’i’ v’intrai,
tant’era pien di sonno a quel punto
che la verace via abbandonai.

(Dante Alighieri)

johnbal's picture

Nice stands!

spivechild's picture


Bru Fi's picture

I have been just OK this year, but would really like a new set of speaker stands.'s picture

Lift my spirits

GFaulk's picture

These will fit nicely.

virtualbryan's picture

These would be perfect as I'm tired of holding these speakers.

Minn Mark's picture

I will love them and raise them as my own !

cvcgolf's picture

So is the Sting lp box set worth reviewing?

smoricca's picture

I think these would work well with my LS50's.

gmangman2's picture

I look forward to some good news once the sweepstakes closes. These speaker stands look real nice.

Groovemeister's picture

To my system....Merry Christmas!

stephsrecords's picture


DLKG's picture

Free Speaker Stands. Yes please and Thank you

longlivethequeen's picture

Good luck everybody.

Gr8tfuldead's picture

I wanna win!

madoco's picture

Merry Christmas to all

jimhb's picture

I would love to win these!

Counterclock's picture

and a happy new year!

theostap's picture

who wouldn't want these?

MrRom92's picture

I could really use this. Time to finally get my wharfedalesnoff the floor. Count me in!

arem's picture

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

atblumenthal's picture

These would look great in my new house.

AudioVike's picture

Count me in.

patd333's picture

My stands pretty much suck

snorfle's picture

My Rogers LS3/5A's are 32 years old and need some support...

Loxgator's picture


Oilman's picture

These stands

ccntx's picture

this would be an awesome present to the family i mean wow very nice

KWarn's picture

I could put these to very good use.

RDLEON's picture

Well, they look like they should be mine!

redsandvb's picture

My entry

Dandycat's picture

I want stands!

mwaehner's picture

Yes I do

mariojzz's picture


barbc824's picture

These are some pretty snazzy speakers!

Tim_Corn's picture

Hope these stand up well...

Toptip's picture

They are mine!

Eskisi's picture

Beautiful stands

whereisclayton's picture

and call me in the morning.

Patanalog's picture

Please add me to the drawing!

fredbro44's picture

Give me a lift of sound

patunnell's picture

Please and thank you!

rockfreak918's picture

Good vibes...I'll win for clayton!!!

gfxmla's picture

..we have a Wiener! ME!!!

gringostarr's picture

Good Luck

grking's picture

Hope to win these!

huntermark's picture

Why not me?

8thman's picture

I've got speakers that could use these stands.

Big Cap's picture

Jamos that could use a new perch.

Jkth120's picture

Stands. Happy New Year y'all!

pumpysmom's picture

awesome giveaway

Todd Lainhart's picture

Looking for some stands. Maybe for some Bryson speakers.

Rudy's picture

Might be hard to balance my Martin Logans on these. ;o) But I have others that will benefit from good stands!

beatcomber's picture


Uncle Bucks hat's picture

I under"stand" I am the winner?

mwcad47's picture


cshubert's picture

Omg!! This is amazing!! Totally would be the 'best wife ever' if I won this. You may even get me out of dishes for a while?? Good karma for you!! Thanks so much!! Happy New year everyone!! Fingers and toes crossed baby!!

Kerrreid's picture

Perfect for some old Spendors!

Prole's picture

I'm in need of some stands. These are beauts.

sennj's picture

I'd love to have them...