Intervention Records Catalog Sweepstakes

Register to win the Intervention Records catalog (seven LPs with a retail value of $248) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Intervention Records is the NEW antidote for the same old reissues of the same old albums! IR exists for one simple reason, to produce archive-quality LPs of music we love! Intervention's sonic goal is that each record we do must be the definitive, go-to version of that album, the must-have edition that real music lovers will seek out. That’s why we work from the original master tapes whenever possible, and always from the very best sources available. We only approve and and move forward with our releases when we are confident we will produce the definitive edition of that recording.

We will always reveal the exact source material we use and we stand by our commitment so that our customers know that our vinyl will always be the definitive go-to for any title we produce.

Included in the prize package:

Stealers Wheel S/T and Stealers Wheel Ferguslie Park, Joe Jackson’s Look Sharp!, I’m the Man, Night and Day:
100% Analog AAA Mastering from 1/2” Safety Copies Made Directly From the Original Stereo Master
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Dead Quiet 180 Gram Vinyl Pressed at RTI
Gorgeous Restored “Old Style” Jackets Printed by Stoughton on Heavy Stock and Film Laminated

Everclear’s Sparkle and Fade, So Much For the Afterglow:
Mastered from High-Res Archives for the First Time
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Dead Quiet 180 Gram Vinyl Pressed at RTI
Gorgeous Restored “Old Style” Gatefolds Printed by Stoughton on Heavy Stock and Film Laminated

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Puffer Belly's picture

This would be a nice summer surprise. I have many of original releases of these LPs and could make a comparison if the reissues are really better.

Anodyne71's picture

Love the work this label is doing, and would love to own the entire catalog!

SSaxdude's picture

Here's to vinyl! And hopefully I win.

madoco's picture

I hope the IRS catches me!!!!!!

Keebler's picture

The greatest new label. So you are telling me I have a chance?

HalSF's picture

I'll take this, thanks in advance! / Hal

kronning's picture greased up and ready to go.

MartyTem's picture

And would look even better in my collection. Thanks for the contest!

mikerr's picture

I just finished hooking up my brand new Thiel 1.7's and I need some awesome new tunage !!!

spivechild's picture

I'd love some free music!

rshak47's picture

would love to have these.

homersoddishe's picture

Thank you, sir.

recordhead's picture

this would be nice!

cobra_verde's picture

The comet comes around about as I win these things. I won a heavy metal cassette tape from my college radio station once.

jasonv's picture

Would love to have this!

adcastro's picture

I'll reserve a space on the shelves for these beauties just in case.

audiof001's picture

It'll be an intervention! Gimmie please!!!

Spin Lps's picture

Hope I'm the lucky winner.

rkellner's picture

For the win

JeffreyPT's picture

Free vinyl, me like.

MikeTz's picture

to own any one of those records, thanks for the opportunity Mike! :)

ps_guy's picture

It's always nice to discover a new label with a focus on quality!

Bajaed's picture

Love what IR is doing. Big Joe Jackson fan and my copy of FP is pretty rough.
Would love to have this collection.

CouryT's picture

I'd love to check out this new label firsthand...

Goochified1's picture

...who wants to win this the most.

Dpoggenburg's picture

Love the Stealers Wheel reissues!

Boxofsound's picture

Thanks in advance! Good records all.

robertaich's picture

And also great. Each record a gem. How great to have a new re-issue label dedicated to quality but also transparency.

elvis's picture

These would look nice on my Record shelves, and sound even better on my turntable

Anton D's picture

If I win, I will be able to say....

I'm the man!

jdmoviebuff's picture

I dig this contest ‼️

richiep's picture

What else could we ask of a manufacture, supply their customers honest quality products and offer a giveaway.

Steelhead's picture

Appreciate the opportunity to score some nice titles.

turntable19's picture

That would be a good addition to my collection....

tparker14's picture

Include me, please!

jimgross2016's picture

While at the Newport THE Show recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Shane Buettner if IR. I completely dug his passion for these reissues, and his attention to every detail! I can attest to the result, as I have a copy of "I'm the Man" and it rocks hard! I love this era of Joe Jackson's music, and will have my hands of the rest if them one way or another!

Wimbo's picture

Hope Sydney Australia isn't too far to send them.

buhaina_delight's picture

An Amazing high from this musical antidote to whoever wins. I got my fingers crossed

longlivevinyl's picture

That is a thrilling sweep.

AZ's picture

I can't believe there are new labels like this... LONG LIVE ANALOG!

krahbeknudsen's picture


Razorball's picture


UA1229's picture

Still trying to win something

Vinylghost's picture

How much does it cost if it's free.

I'm in.

ProbFrank's picture

...If I won these fine albums?

kman's picture

thank you

Sjeb's picture

Like that they will identify sources

MrRom92's picture

A very good philosophy to have as a label. Count me in!

ramseurrecords's picture

I just purchased the "Night and Day" reissue and am really enjoying it.

musicnut56's picture

Good luck to all...especially me.

Roy Martin's picture

..."I'm the 'veener!'"

Jay's picture

How I missed Everclear first time round is still a bit of a mystery to me...

Doctor A's picture

Great albums to reissue.

badboss429's picture

Way cool!

CarterB's picture

Looks awesome

Curvfalls's picture

Well, I don't know why I came here tonight

carl478's picture

...and the winner is?

kb54's picture

for this set of albums!

jh4all's picture

Another nice contest from Mikey! I would love to own these. Thanks.

VictorV's picture

Very Nice Sweepstakes

chipridd's picture

Love this label!
This would be awesome

bremble's picture

I just heard about these last night. Would be a wonderful addition to my collection. Guess I'll hold off a bit before getting the Jacksons.

skipgiles's picture

Some Joe would be awesome.

mariojzz's picture

They are mine!

jfortun's picture

ITM, everyone. This would be a nice prize!

Kurt's picture

Nice variety of music.

tounsand's picture

Count me in...

punkzter's picture

why not

whaiyun's picture

Count me in!

spinner4729's picture

Winning these would be SUPER!!

jmoray's picture

A new record label....from people that care? FANTASTIC!
Win or lose (this contest), I look forward to "hearing" their promises!

LesT73's picture

...I would really like to win!

pagopher's picture

What a great thing to do for your readers!

Paully's picture

Bet they sound wonderful.

JR465's picture

Im in! Pick me please.

Zardoz's picture

Sign me up.

J. Carter's picture

I love free stuff!

horaciojervis's picture


matthra's picture

The sounds of summer ... awesome!

mrl1957's picture

Count me in for Stealers Wheel & Joe Jackson!!

Dorian Workman's picture

Yes I do.

hifidan's picture

I am not worthy of such a wonderful gift, but I will gladly accept them and enjoy every minute of listening!

eeilbacher's picture

I need to "Look Sharp" and my wife says it's hopeless!
Maybe if I win these LP's she'll say "I'm the Man" and I "Look Sharp"
Otherwise I'll just be another Joker to the Right....

Steve Edwards's picture

I hope they are able to secure many more licenses and prosper pressing terrific records.
Play on

EBaum's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

CLeeds's picture

It's impossible to have too many records, and these look especially promising!

DocSamG's picture

What a nice package. Whoever wins will have something very nice to enjoy.

zer0's picture

Amazing! I'm in :)

TerryWI's picture

Sign me up -

ejv's picture

I would love to win these!

morob7's picture


mgurtler's picture

I have one of their LPs - Joe Jackon's I'm The Man and would love to have their entire catalog.

pbnaudio's picture

I'm in !


AnalogJ's picture

So while this series looks like it will be all well and good, just to be clear, some reissue companies are able to get their hands on the actual original master tapes and use those. These are from either one generation away, or from high-rez files, correct?

TheBottomline's picture

I have all the Joe Jackson NYC released vinyl from back in the day. I wanted those shoes.

EricCuda's picture

Love the mantra of this company....full speed ahead!

rakemup's picture

Pick me - pick me

econalan's picture

to win the contest!

larson manor's picture

Always room for more vinyl.

vogelzang's picture

I just know that Mikey likes me best.

rodeobrett's picture

These would look great in my collection!

Minn Mark's picture

Random winner generator please pick me !


fredbro44's picture

Very cool. I'm in.

Chris Everhart's picture

My Joe Jackson collection is worn with through!

TeflonScoundrel's picture

I'm hoping I can win this. New records are always welcome.

ebuzz's picture

I think it's my turn to win one of these

gcdodds's picture

No more worthy winner.........

cdvinyl's picture

Love to walk away with this set.

teachscience's picture

I want them, I want them all!

cdlp4578's picture give my 10" version of Look Sharp a rest.

WJT's picture

for another great give-away.


palasr's picture

And thank you very much!

Addy's Master's picture

Great set

TinEar's picture

fingers crossed...

root1's picture

Yea! More vinyl.

otaku2's picture


mraudioguru's picture

an Intervention...of vinyl that is!

polar boy's picture

And that I win.

polar boy's picture

which I am.

isaacrivera's picture

Thanks for this giveaway!

terrybbagit's picture

Count me in

DaK's picture


evilroyslade's picture

"Pink" me.

bigsausagepizza's picture

Big money no whammies......

rich121's picture

Would love to have these in my collection!

Ryan_Pretzel's picture

This would be great! Best of luck to all!

longlivethequeen's picture

Just Kidding

GFaulk's picture

All 7 records look great.

Auric G's picture

Best AP sweepstakes offering thus far!

crubio's picture

I'd dance in those shoes

volvic's picture

I deserve this.

mikeyg's picture

Chicken Dinner

amudhen's picture

Hope I win.

Prole's picture

... a great home in my collection.

Snorker's picture

I've been wanting several of these! Thanks!

gnatster's picture

Maybe...maybe not

Mister Tim's picture

I have all the Intervention Joe Jackson reissues now. Sonically and visually spectacular!

LionsMouth's picture

Would love to heard those Joe Jackson releases...

Hackensack's picture

nice buncha disks!

egronenthal's picture

...and these would be perfect to break it in...

Dman's picture

...and just like Charlie Brown, I never win anything.

It WOULD however, be nice to know/hear about WHO actually wins these things...

Anton D's picture

Y'all are lowering my changes!


Stu Morgenstern's picture

...will do

propofol's picture

I am available and able to enjoy these L.P.'s

DDGI's picture

Please count me in.

sbrown1965's picture

here's hoping.

atbolding's picture

It would be great to win this.

torturegarden's picture

I could always use some more records to spin.

jon9091's picture I just need you to send me those records ;-)

anomaly7's picture

This would be a great way to complete my collection, and I'd have my originals as spares to pass along!