A/V Tech Media Review Policy Reminder

(This is more of a heads-up for manufacturers considering submitting product for review, but it's probably useful for readers to understand some of the issues faced by audio review magazines and websites including this one, which is owned by AV Tech Media—ed.)

Due to a number of recent unauthorized solicitations to high-fidelity manufacturers, distributors and media-relations personnel for review equipment, we feel it necessary to post this policy reminder.

We have been alerted by several major brands that individuals misrepresenting themselves as freelance contributors for our associated websites and magazines have either attempted, or have succeeded in, having review equipment sent to them. With theft of said equipment being the final result in some cases.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind brands that a “trust no one” approach is the most prudent policy. Review equipment is researched, curated and established by editorial staff, not freelancers.

If brands are contacted by anyone other than the editor or known senior staff member of any AV Tech property, then we would ask that before establishing further communication with the individual, that you contact one of our editors via their website directly to ascertain the validity of the request.

Thank you,

AV Tech

Anton D's picture

Looks like the equipment gravy train is dunzo for "Mick Fremmer."

I wonder how many fake Nigerian princes are sitting at home listening to high end equipment. ;-D