AVTech Media Ltd (UK) Acquires Home Tech Network From Ten Publishing Media

Dear AnalogPlanet readers: I am happy to be able to announce this excellent turn of events that's been some time in the making. This is all good and a synergistic match made in hi-fi heaven.

The Home Tech Network has been purchased from TEN by AVTech Media Ltd (UK) it was announced today. That means the Home Tech Network's six brands, Stereophile, Sound & Vision, Shutterbug, AnalogPlanet, Audiostream, and Innerfidelity will join with AVTech Media's Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice, Home Cinema Choice and the Hi-Fi Show Live.

The acquisition creates a powerful global entity that is now the largest single specialized AV group on the planet, reaching more than three million enthusiasts/CE consumers through print, digital, social, video and events.

"The synergy between these iconic magazines and websites from both the UK and USA is clear, as are the distinctive brand propositions and target markets of each property. With an ambition to leverage these unique qualities, particularly in the digital space, AVTech Media will offer a diversity and scale that could not otherwise be achieved—delivering a reach into passionate, opinion-forming audiences that is unmatched in specialist AV publishing."—Paul Miller, Director AVTech Media Ltd/AVTech Media Americas Inc., Hi-Fi Show Live Organiser, President of EISA. The US-based operation will continue to be headed-up by Keith Pray, a 20-year veteran of the consumer electronics industry based in New York City.

"The sheer power and breadth of this newly formed group make the possibilities endless and having a truly strong foothold in the United Kingdom, United States and international market will help us further grow", said Pray, who has served as the General Manager of the Home Tech Network for the past eight years. "My team and I are thrilled to combine forces with the outstanding team at AVTech Media."—Keith Pray, General Manager AVTech Media Americas Inc.

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....the changes they institute will be for the good. Takeovers can result in many things - good or bad. Also, lets hope the new owners have art in mind and not just money. Best of luck to the new group.

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The new owners are publishers of other audio magazines and audio related activities like running an annual audio show in the UK. Furthermore of the two co-directors of AV Tech Media one is both an engineer with a phd and the editor of an audio magazine - HiFi News, probably the longest running audiophile magazine in the world (est. 1957) which he has markedly improved over the past few years. He is also President elect of EISA ( European Imaging and Sound Association). He recently brought in Stereophile and an Australian publication to be the first non-European associates.

One cannot guarantee anything but it looks like a safe pair of hands to me.

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Threat or menace?

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This doesn’t bode badly for AP’s future Michael!

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This will be great!
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You can still come out here to do all the seminars and stuff, I'll just review things.

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If this acquisition improves the chances of Stereophile's continuation and respects it's voices, specially Analog Planet/Corner and Art Dudley's Listening then welcome!

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So,does it include you mikey?

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It includes analog planet, so yes.

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