Bert Jansch Mono (?) "Heartbreak" Update

We recently reported the curious case of Omnivore's reissue of Bert Jansch's Heartbreak LP. The 1981 recording sounded "mono" on the LP but stereo on the MP3 download. We contacted the label and today got this reply from Omnivore's Cheryl Pawelski:

"Yes, we did get to the bottom of it. It turned out the cut was close to mono, but not all the way, and it is being corrected. We will be recutting and repressing soon as we are naturally committed to the highest quality for our vinyl pressings. As soon as we have new full stereo pressings, we will gladly swap out the erroneous first pressings to those who want replacements. If someone wishes to do so, they should write us at In the meantime, the CD includes the remaster of the original album and the bonus 1981, previously unissued McCabe's live show. The main album is also available on HD Tracks in high resolution audio."

While we didn't get the technical reasons for the problem, what's most important is this resolution of the problem. However, the McCabe's live show sounds mighty tempting!