Blue Note Launches Joe Harley Curated Tone Poet Series AAA Vinyl Releases

Blue Note Records just announced a new "Tone Poet" Series of all analog vinyl jazz reissues curated by Joe Harley, who co-produces with Ron Rambach the Music Matters Blue Note vinyl reissue series. These records will be produced the way those are: mastered cut directly from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and plated and pressed at RTI and deluxe gatefold packaged.

Mr. Harley selects the titles that include classic Blue Notes, both lesser known classics and modern era recordings as well as records from other labels within the Blue Note catalog. The first two albums, Wayne Shorter's Etcetera and Chick Corea's Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (originally on Solid State Records), are due February 8th and are now available for pre-order at either The Blue Note Shop or You'll also find more information about these particular titles by clicking on those links.

daveming3's picture

A great choice! I've waiting years for someone to give this one the premium treatment.

Rashers's picture

As Blue Note is a global brand, owned now by Universal music, one would have hoped that they could have kept the price of these reissues consistent between the USA and Europe. The albums are retailing on Amazon USA for $26 (not including tax) versus $48 at Amazon UK (including tax) - that is a staggering difference. There is a potentially huge market for audiophile vinyl in Europe - but as virtually everything is imported from the USA (Music Matters, Analogue Productions, Mobile Fidelity) - there are very high import costs associated. Could blue note not just send the stampers to Pallas in Germany, and print up a Europe specific run at reasonable prices?

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Check out Wallen Bink Records AAA Blue Note reissue... amazing Duke Pearson 2LP, cut all analog from RVG Master Tapes by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, and pressed at Pallas in Germany. Hope they keep it going with more high quality releases like that :)

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Listening to Wayne Shorter release now. Sounds really nice! About the same quality as Music Matters but $35. I an not sure how I got it a day early in Alaska but I'm not complaining! :)