Boston's Newbury Comics, Now Into Vinyl Reissues Has New Newsletter

Boston retailer Newbury Comics, a recent entry in the vinyl reissue game, just announced a newsletter to which you can subscribe. The store has already issued two Black Keys LPs, The Talking Heads The Name of the Band is The Talking Heads (on maroon vinyl), two Bon Iver albums, one on clear the other on white vinyl and Al Green's Let's Stay Together on do I have to tell you what color vinyl?

Next up is a colored vinyl reissue of Sufjan Stevens' most highly recommended (for both music and sound) Come On Feel The Illinoise a two LP set, one record red one green plus digital download card. Colors chosen for Christmas? I don't know. Only 1000 copies will be pressed. Release date is December 10th, but you can pre-order now.

With the exception of the Al Green title, masters were no doubt digital so no need to ask. The Sufjan album's original pressing was problematic (noise) so this reissue could be a big improvement (or not depending upon who cut and from what and who pressed).

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Preston's picture

Mike - would you kindly comment on this: "...masters were no doubt digital so no need to ask"??  I have the Talking Heads Fear of Music and The Name of This Band is Talking Heads from Newbury and I believe they both have the typical Rhino promo "from original master tapes" on the front. Chris Bellman cut both of these ("CB" in deadwax).  Please don't tell me I need to go buy the black vinyl versions now .... (I already have the DVD-Audio Brick, so I don't need another "digital" copy).  Totally agree on Sufjan Stevens.

J. Carter's picture

I really could care less what the source is for the Talking Heads vinyls because they sound at least as good as the original vinyls to my ears. In some cases I like them a little better too. they are the same masters as the newly released vinyl versions just different pressings.

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I know that "Stop Making Sense" was a digital recordings (and sounds so). "The Name of the Band Is...." is a live compilation that might have originated as analog tapes but I suspect were compiled to digital... could be wrong. The point was I believe the masters for these records were digital to begin with, not Al Green, however.... I can ask Chris Bellman to clarify...

Bix's picture

I was under the impression it was all-analog.

Michael Fremer's picture

Is from 1/4" analog tape according to Chris Bellman so if it has the "CB" it's AAA all the way!

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So can we assume that all of them that have been but by Bellman in this series are AAA to this point? I ask this because they advertised AAA for Fear of Music and and Spekaing in Tongues and the promotion was pretty transparent but More Songs About Buildings and Food and The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads only advertise "Cut at Bernie Grundman Studios." Somtimes labels accidently omit this information which makes no sense because AAA will only sell more copies. I know it's a big concern for them though. I have referenced the Elusive disc site because they seem to be the best at listing mastering and source information for online retailers.

By the way, you do a great job of distributing infomation. I'm just a recent vinyl convert, well 5 years ago, but have been following this site since the beginning. You have recommended some great music and sound! 

Michael Fremer's picture

Sometimes the labels omit things accidentally and sometimes Elusive and the other vinyl vendors accidentally post misinformation! 

thirtycenturyman's picture

Well, I couldn't pass this up and I'm glad I didn't! Unfortunately, I don't have an original to compare sound as I got rid of the first copy I had, due to a lot of surface noise that I just couldn't handle. It was a superman cover so I kind of wish I would have kept it for that reason alone, but oh well. Anyway, I can't say enough about the pressing quality of these records. They are normal weight, flat and dead quiet. Not a pop or tick anywhere. I'm not sure who pressed, but I wouldn't hesitate to purchase anything else by them. As far as sound goes, I'm judging from memory, but this is the best I've heard this album sound and I've listened to it quite a few times over the past eight years. Fairly subjective, but I really couldn't be happier. I see that there are a few of these being sold on Ebay for $19.99+shipping (which is cheaper than I paid for my pre-sale copy).