The Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones (MSRP $179.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones bring you amazingly natural acoustics and fit so snugly you’ll hardly be aware you’re wearing them. These headphones use a new 9.2mm dynamic driver, and have been optimized to deliver bass that’s powerful yet precisely controlled, resulting in a more natural, open and detailed sound.

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To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on this website. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "LOG IN/JOIN" in the nav bar at the right. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! ;-)

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Please, please me

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Pick me!

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Hope they stay in place while exercising (potential New Years resolution).

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Why not me!

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Amazing!!! These would mean a lot to me.

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yes, please

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If I don't win, I'm gonna demand a recount

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and giveaways. Yes please!

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and giveaways. Yes please!

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Pick me!!!!

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myheroiscoltrane's picture

...even if I don't win

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pick me

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...get it?


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Ain't too proud to beg.

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You guys are great for giving such great giveaways.

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sounds good to me ! : )

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Can't win if I don't try

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I'm in!

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I may have to buy a pair.

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to my B&W CM 5's.

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Sexy and Fitted with porous filters. Meow! (purr...rrr)

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Please ear me

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Pretty please!

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Yes, please!

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yes,please me

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First post on AP!

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Wouldn't mind winning these!

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Fill my ears. What a great way to start the New Year!

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Would love to have them.

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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"2. Eligibility: Entrant must be 18 years of age or older as of December 29, 2014, 2014 and a resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia."

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I wonder if these also come in cherrywood and rosenut...

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So these would be a step up.

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Winning this could change my mind. I have too many other headphones around form my recording gigs. This would be very nice.

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Yes please.

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buds be my buds!

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Wish Me Luck!

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This would be very nice to have!!

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For some new buds.

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please enter me into the contest - thanks!

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The look like a very fine set!
Thanks in advance

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I haven't gotten into head sets yet, so this should get me going.


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Please to pick me. I will treat these earbuds right!

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Would love to win

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Sound bullets!

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for the next 12 hour plane trip.


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These would be good for my new Pono.

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would come in handy.

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Yes, please.

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would love to hear them.

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Winner Winner chicken dinner!

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would love to win them

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Bug me please and Happy New Year Audiophiles & vinyl lovers.

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I need a new pair of IEMs.

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I'm in

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...sticking out of my ears.

english pete's picture

Have been using B&W for years. My CM5 speakers are still going strong. If B&W would like to give me some Series 8 Diamonds in lieu of the headphones, that would be acceptable also. ;-)

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Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

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These have got to sound better than the bargain buds I have now.

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They look nice.

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I would love these !

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tiny in-ears!

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Pick me Please!!!

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Good luck to all.

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Would love to win. I'm in the market for new speakers and have heard good things about Bower’s and Wilkin’s.

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would love to have

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B & W speakers make nice speakers also, love to win these buds, replace my gosh awful Apple buds! Happy New Year!

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Thanks for the chance to win and for all the reviews!!!

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Count me in.

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What an excellent giveaway

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Thanks Mr. Fremer and BW for doing this.

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Happy New Year!

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I would love these baby's at work all day.
Thank you !!!

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Love to win these! Still using my old Sennheiser HD 540 headphones.

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You miss a hundert per cent of the shots you never take!

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Would love these earbuds

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I'm in

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Could put those to use...

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I'd like to try them

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These would look great on my ears.

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I cant possibly win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Will I Win ?

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would love a pair of these.

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from my decrepit Shure ear buds.

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i Win!

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Happy New Year!

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Beautiful headphones!

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I could sure use these!!

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Here's to a smooth 2015!

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Did I win?

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Stay thirsty my friends.

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I would love a pair of these.

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I'm in.

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And happy birthday to me. . .

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Just let me know where to enter shipping address.

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I need some sweet headphones!

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I never win anything. Prove me wrong.

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It would be nice to have good phones for the train. I don't like bringing my Grados with me. Thank you


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I'll take a pair!

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Thanks for setting this contest up -- they look great.

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Por las orejas por favor.

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HoDu's picture

I've had two pairs of B&W loudspeakers over the years, and loved them both -- but I've never had B&W 'phones. I'm bettin' they'd be absolutely fabulous, and hope to be the lucky one who gets to find out. Thanks.

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You can't win if you don't play! Thanks for the opportunity!

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Thanks for another great contest.

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Great job on this site

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I would sure like a pair of these babies!

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Thank you for picking me in the future.

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The C5's will be a huge upgrade to the dime store ear buds I currently own!

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I want a pair of these to take with me on BART !

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I like earbuds!

livevil's picture

my orig. C5's died! would love to replace 'em w/Series 2! ;-)

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I could really use new headphones... :)

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to own a pair of B&W"s.

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Ok then. I am in.

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Look fantastic!

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I don't like headphones but I'm willing to give these a try if I win.

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Thank you in advance!

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this Listening Angle.

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With the C5 Series 2 I will be able to hear it all!

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I'm in!

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I would like to own these, all I use is cans.

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Don't Pick Me

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I'd love some Bower's & Wilkin's

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I want those cheap gadgets.

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Want 'em

CD's picture

My current earbuds don't do justice to Doug Pinnick's bass. Would love to have them. Thanks!

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Need these 'phones to get all up in my ears!

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some new buds

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Pick me Mike!

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I could use these...

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...what some good buds might be...
Go on, make him jealous...

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Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear.

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I'd love to hear these and test these out (with vinyl of course) but I'd likely use it for flacs via iPhone. My experience with earbuds is very limited and not all that pleasant.

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Love B&W speakers, my Nautilus 805's are still rockin

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Me Please!

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would love to hear what b&w have done with the S2

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Thank you!