Check Out Koizumi-San's 45rpm Record Collection

Yosuke Koizumi, 36, who took over the ART 1000's final production supervision brought some of his 45rpm collection on the second day of my visit...perhaps to assure me that he's way into vinyl and not just doing a "job”.

Thumbing through these records, I could not believe what I was seeing—and it was all collected in Japan. You can be sure it wasn't inexpensive, but what a collection!

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I've got a lot of Credence singles and some unusual one offs including Badfingers Baby Blue, The Cowsils Hair, Guess Who's American Woman and CSNY's Teach your Children.

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Interesting that the majority of his 45s have a normal center spindle hole rather than the larger 45 RPM hole.

Was that a sign of a particular country's pressings, say UK or Japan?

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however I'd like to have seen more original Pictures Sleeves. Especially sleeves from the UK and Europe.

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UK, Australia, and New Zealand 7" singles always had regular small spindle holes. When I lived in the UK occasionally you would see Dutch or French imports mixed in with UK 7" pressings (especially if the song was an unexpected big hit), but they were always supplied with a little flat clip-in adapter. I think in the UK most people didn't have the large 45 adapter that's supplied with turntables, either it was so seldom used it got lost or their system was never supplied with one in the first place.

I remember also in the UK some stores would sell ex-juke box singles at very low prices but they had the center punched out and often part of the name of the artist or track would be missing!