Choosing the +1 For Third Man Pressing Plant Party

Today (Tuesday, Feb. 21st) is the final day for entries into the +1 "competition". So this afternoon I will have to choose one of the following unless a late entry appears:

Moby grape
Roy Martin
The boogeydown

Yes, the pull is strongest to choose Maggiemay both to have a (platonic) "date" but also her posts were charming and the chivalrous posts from fellow contestants suggesting I choose her were also moving me in her direction, but to be fair about this, there's only one way to choose and that's this:

I will print out each name on a piece of paper, fold them all up, toss in a hat, and randomly pick one—and do this on video in case anyone is skeptical about the process.

So the winner will post later today!

Roy Martin's picture

Please withdraw my name from the lottery. I have an unavoidable conflict that evening.

Good luck to the rest of the finalists!

parman's picture

I live near Detroit, closer than Maggie but I can't make it so please take me out of the running. I have been to 3rd Man in Detroit before, still trying to get to the one in Nashville.

Ortofan's picture

... so that you won't get any "static" if the winner turns out to be Maggiemay.