Creedence Clearwater Revival Live at Woodstock 50 Years Later on 2 LPs

It looks like the 50th anniversary of Woodstock concert is off, but Craft Recordings celebrates anyway with the release on August 2nd,, finally of Live At Woodstock CCR's late Sunday evening performance at the original Woodstock, 1969.

CCR was supposed to be on in prime time Saturday night because at the time the band was hot with Bayou Country having broken into Billboard's Top 10 album chart, but everything ran late and The Grateful Dead went on for a long, long set (no surprises there). So, CCR chose to not be included in the Woodstock 3 LP set or in the movie. That's nuts but that's what they decided.

Finally, 50 years later, Craft Records is releasing the group's hour-long set on a two LP gatefold set, CD and digital platforms including 96/24. No word on source used for LPs, who mastered or who pressed. So annoying. Here's the LP track listing:

Disc 1, Side A:
1. Born on the Bayou
2. Green River
3. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won’t Do)

Disc 1, Side B:
1. Bootleg
2. Commotion
3. Bad Moon Rising
4. Proud Mary

Disc 2, Side A:
1. I Put a Spell on You
2. The Night Time is the Right Time
3. Keep on Chooglin’

Disc 2, Side B:
1. Suzie Q

I'd bet it was cut from hi-rez files. But not even digital could damage that set list! And the band at the time was smoking—who wasn't?

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Where the dials ? I know the music is a 10, but how does it sound ? Thanks Mike.

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this is just announcing that this release will be coming out soon. if and when Michael reviews it, there will be information about the sound (including the dials).

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I can't comment on how this album sounds on LP -- I gave up vinyl decades ago because of the surface noise -- but the digital files available at Amazon sound fantastic. Full frequency, good separation -- and somehow they cleaned up most of the sound of Doug Clifford's horribly out-of-tune snare drum. I don't think you will be disappointed!

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... would it still be worth paying twice the price to get the two-LP set over the single CD?

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Vinyl cut from 24bit files (and for that matter, the 24bit files themselves) sound worlds better than a 16bit CD. So yes, the vinyl is worth twice the cost of the drastically inferior CD.

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If you want the package, if you collect big black discs, it's worth it. But sound quality is not a real factor here. We are talking about a compromised source from 50 years ago. Very likely there will be audio issues from the source. Very likely that source was transferred into the digital domain. Transferring that already compromised source to LP will add an additional layer of distortion due to the inherent and unfixable IGD that comes from the velocity of the groove slowing as the stylus is drawn toward the deadwax. And, again, the source is already compromised as the Woodstock recordings were all sonically dodgy in the first place. The LPs won't sound better than the source and the source was never was all that good in the first place.

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Can't edit at Analog Planet, but what I intended to say in the final sentence: The LPs won't sound better than the source and the source was never was all that good in the first place.

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Do you come to AnalogPlanet to post nonsense about inner groove issues when they are minor compared to the corruption produced by 16 bit digital? No one suggests that the LPs will sound BETTER than the source, though that does occasionally happen for the same reason a higher distortion tube microphone can sound better than a lower distortion solid state one: useful additive distortion. But WHATEVER. Why not go to a VEGAN site and post a comment about the superiority of MEAT as a protein source?
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Consider the possibility that different people hear these electronic simulacra of sound in different ways. In any case, if this recording is anything like the other recordings from Woodstock, it's not going to be demo material, no matter what format it's being reproduced on.

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with my Woodstock Vinyl pressing.Cotillion with Gold Record Award.
I can just imagine what the CD would sound like though.
Vinyl forever/CD never.

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Michael, as an admitted carnivore, your comment cracked me up. But I'll say that as far as protein sources go, I do find meats to be superior. I have yet to find a satisfying babyback spinach ribs.

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... "useful additive distortion".

What types of additive distortion do you consider to be useful?
What types of additive distortion might be deemed useless?

How much distortion must be added in order for it to become useful?
Can too much additive distortion render it no longer useful?
In other words, is there some optimal level of additive distortion?

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I have the 50th anniversary box set and it does include two CCR songs.

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Thanks for that. Just repeating a press release here...
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We know now the fact that CCR wasn't the bees knees when it came to audiophile recordings on LP, but then Hoffman/Gray did a terrific job making original LP RCA cuts of Cosmos Factory sound like poo.

Sound is about 6 and music is 8/9. They were on their game. But they ignored this completely and that's a shame until now. This set IMHO is better than Janis's.

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contained three CCR songs: Green River, Bad Moon Rising and I put a Spell on You. It was a 6 CD deluxe package. I see also that the record company is selling a 3 LP mono version of the soundtrack that was originally produced for DJs.

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I'm going to buy this on vinyl and enjoy. It may sound as good on a 200 dollar system as it may on a 20000 dollar system. Do I wish it would be audiophile you bet. But I am going to enjoy it for what it is. Personally I really do not know of any 60's live performances that blow my doors off. Some 70's yes but not to many 60's and I am talking rock.

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The CCR Woodstock set rocks as hard as any set you've ever heard. They even did an encore -- a rarity for them -- a blistering version of Suzy Q. To say that John Fogerty is a force of nature is a considerable understatement...

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I have not purchased it yet. Love CCR so looking forward to hearing it.

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What a performance, sounds terrific on my Hereey's! Also, on Amazon I also got a copy to their Music App, so can play it on other devices or download it (haven't tried this yet).

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Damn small fonts and weak eyes.

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The CD already blew me away, so powerful. Gonna buy the LP too of course. Maybe not very important on this page, but it wasn't CCR who didn't want to be in the movie, it was John Fogerty alone. The rest of the band have been trying to release this one for about 50 years, and now they finally managed. I'm a happy person !

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Oh, and they played early Sunday morning, 12.30 AM (not in the evening) and they had a lot of problems on stage, certainly some problems with mikes and Doug's tom tom. The old bootleg record sounds very bad because of those problems too. No idea how they fixed this for this recording, but they did :-)