CSNY 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Deluxe Box Set Sweepstakes

Register to win a CSNY 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Deluxe Box Set ($499 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the label:

CSNY 1974 captures the band’s one-of-a-kind harmonic alchemy during its remarkable outdoor stadium tour, a trek that spanned more than two months, and included 31 concerts, in 24 cities, with combined audiences of over a million people. Produced by Graham Nash and Joel Bernstein, the box set mirrors the electric/acoustic/electric format that the band followed each night on stage, representing an idealized version of a show from the tour.

"This project has been the most difficult, yet rewarding work I’ve ever done in my 50 years of recording," says Graham Nash. "It rekindled the love I have for my partners and the music we have made together."

The box set includes some of CSNY’s best-known music; songs like "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," "Helpless," "Wooden Ships," and "Teach Your Children." During the 1974 tour, CSNY also introduced new songs that emerged later on various albums, like Crosby’s "Time After Time," and Nash’s "Fieldworker. Several songs by Young are previously unreleased, including "Traces," "Love/Art Blues," "Goodbye Dick," and "Hawaiian Sunrise."


  • All 40 tracks on six 180-gram 12” vinyl records, housed in a custom laser-etched maple LP folio case.
  • 40 high-quality audio tracks on a Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc
  • Digital download of full 40 tracks.
  • Bonus DVD
  • Coffee Table size book of never before seen photos from the 1974 tour.

This set is limited to 1000 copies, individually numbered, and housed in a custom laser-etched maple wood box. It is available exclusively through CSNY.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Puffer Belly's picture

I've been a big fan since I first heard Deja Vu in college.

Analogico's picture

Love CSNY, S & Y more than C & N though.

aurelio's picture

I'm In!

amcevoy's picture

Sign me up.

adcastro's picture

This outta look real good sitting on my coffee table and sound even better on my turntable...

vinylvin's picture

I'm in.

jeni83's picture

I like it when you do contests.

gak27's picture

oh please

Mika's picture

I'm in!

dew1976's picture

Great recording; I have the Pure Audio disc - would love, love the vinyl!!!

vinyl_spinner's picture

Great interview with Graham Nash! I'd love to win the new records!

Swervn's picture

Have the Blu-ray would love the vinyl.
Thank you very much.....

Andy Slusar's picture

Have the CDs would love the vinyl!

elliotdrum's picture

I'm in thank you!

Paul Robertson's picture

Wow, didn't think it would be this elaborate a package. As my buddy Fred says Yabadaba doo.....

gjones's picture

Looking forward to your presentation at EXPONA 2016.

MarkD's picture

Here is your winner.

Stu Morgenstern's picture

...last May but wife got sick. Winning this would sure help to make her feel better.

innergroove16's picture

Awesome contest!

amsco15's picture

Bet this would sound great on my turntable!!

Prole's picture

Please accept my entry for this boxset.

propofol's picture


carja's picture

This is something that I'd like to have, but the cost is tres cher.

Janus Dweeb's picture


nelsonkiwi's picture

I would love to have this! Good luck to everyone!

Pat0903's picture

I want it!

Tom Miars's picture

...that I'm random enough to win!

Newscot44's picture

Wooden (delight) Ships (to me)?

Yennes's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

Kevin Ray's picture

This looks like a great set.

Mile High Music's picture

Thanks for the lottery ticket Michael!

Marcin Trefnale's picture

I would love to win this one... M

Arabrant's picture

It's my birthday in a few days. So like, pick me.

Hajidub's picture

Just kiddin'; count me in!

253mal's picture

Analog Planet, thanks to Michael, has immensely added to my quality of life.

rudirudi's picture

Hope to win.

rveverka's picture

Pick me please !!

jun sagun's picture

Please pick me!

stevef's picture

love CSNY. please enter me into the sweepstakes

ddirt80's picture

Love this set, but balked on the price.
Thank you for Analog Planet, and this contest.

Music Loving Motorcyclist's picture

Pick Me.

Music Loving Motorcyclist's picture

..............any more

samman's picture

I would love for that to be true---I'm in!

amudhen's picture

I would sure like to own this set.

GabbaHey's picture

Michael Fremer is the best reviewer on the analog planet and the third rock from the sun.

jaytholmes's picture

I'm in and I saw that tour

mwaehner's picture

I want that

thequietman's picture

I'll look after those for you

Dr Freejazz's picture

That would be great!

FredBloggs's picture

Thanks for the opportunity. I'll offer a full review if I win.

OldschoolE's picture

Wow, that is how I've always pictured a CSN&Y box set! I'd love to get one, but it's far too pricey for me. Oh, I just realized this is a contest or raffle/lottery. I've never won any of those, so I shy away from entering them usually...I guess I just unintentionally entered this one, oh well, I just wanted to comment on the box set really.

Sgood@verizon.net's picture

a great box set to own.

orthobiz's picture

One of the few reissues that I didn't buy...


Tyawn's picture

It would really round out my collection.

steverovner's picture

This is my comment, which is neither profane nor spam.

POGunter's picture

Been wanting this since it was first announced so yes I will take it.

vinyl_ninja's picture

this month. Should be killer.

Rodeo's picture

Analogplanet.com is easily the most useful website for vinyl play black lovers! I've been following Michael Fremer since I first saw him at an AXPONA 2014 seminar. His knowledge and information has changed the game, all for the better, for myself and vinyl enthusiast's everywhere.

alexdias's picture


Budget Audiophile's picture

Thanks! Great Prize!

Monkeyboy's picture

Never did hear them live. That's just my tough luck. Maybe I'll get lucky this time.

madoco's picture

cold shivering in New York, but vinyl all ways warms me up!!!

torturegarden's picture

This looks like an amazing box and I hope I win!

rharcha's picture

Great music then. Great music now. Great music tomorrow.

bkinthebk's picture


MartyTem's picture

I'd like this in my library!

Keebler's picture

This box set looks highly flammable. Please store away from open flames.

unclebill's picture

Got out of town, on a boat

guitarsg5's picture

To win it!

Nuz1's picture

Great contest!

shapiro88's picture

It would be really nice to win

Groovemeister's picture

Got the cd's, desperately need to compare the vinyl!

dperts's picture

I have the fond memory of attending a "day on the green" at the Oakland Colliseum in '74 in which CSNY headlined. We can only hope that Mr. Nash will return to the studio long enough to oversee worthy reissues of their other works. Long live this vinyl Renaissance that we have the privilege of living in!

darksolstice's picture

I would love to have this !

JeffreyPT's picture

1974, oh yeah!

Michael David's picture

Caught the Chicago Stadium shows in late August 1974, some of the music performed found it's way onto the box set.

elinter's picture

Just joking...please please pick me!

bud's picture

I want to win the Box Set.

bud's picture

I want to win.

meintc's picture
Lazer's picture

And should go to someone who isn't old enough to have actually have been at one of these concerts. This box set should go to someone like me.

BOZMAN's picture

This looks like a really fantastic package.

Lazer's picture

And should go to someone a little younger than someone lucky enough to have actually attended one of these concerts.

Lazer's picture

And should go to someone a little younger than someone lucky enough to have actually attended one of these concerts.

Mikeymort's picture

I'd buy a new turntable if I won this.

Doctor A's picture

Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

atblumenthal's picture

Kent read, Kent write, Kent State.

Potty Knotty's picture

I'm and big fan!

zeram1's picture

What a dream prize package!

cdvinyl's picture

I depend so much on the kindness of free box sets.

PaulG's picture

To collect my prize now...

cvcgolf's picture

I've never won anything and don't anticipate winning this either.. Good luck to everyone else...

Ptruce's picture

Lemme have it!

dklein's picture

midwest loves CSNY

weirdo12's picture

but winning this would be cool.

recordhead's picture

But I will if I win

homersoddishe's picture

I want some more.

anomaly7's picture

Wow, this would be a major expansion of space in my C S N & Y vinyl collection. A must have.

vinylguy's picture

Love this site...

duncanseye's picture

Was at this show in Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City the night Nixon resigned. Even Nash calls it one of the most memorable nights of the whole tour. Take me back to that night...please! Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming...

drumarty's picture

I would like to win something before I die!

leo-hifi's picture

I'd love to have it!

urmi sultana's picture

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Tombby's picture

I can't remember the last time I won anything. Just lucky in life, I suppose.

Bluejimbop's picture

I suppose I should have this.

2channel83's picture

I could use a box set like this.

dleonard's picture

looks like a great box set

dleonard's picture

looks like a great box set

buared's picture

Would be very nice to win

av127's picture

And the CSNY 1974 box set goes to av127.

cobra_verde's picture

My hat is hereby in the ring.

audiophile01's picture

Would love to own this....

PeterPani's picture

I don't bother with that big box dust collector. These live concerts were recorded onto 16-track analog 2-inch tape. What an amazing analog source! I guess, the mastering for the vinyl was done digital. So, no need to have this on vinyl. I can download the hirez blueray-files for nothing. If someone confirms, that the vinyl was mastered analog from the tapes, I will gladly order the box for up to $800 without hesitation.

Silver dot e's picture

Deja Vu was among the first records to capture my attention when I was a kid. Attending a summer camp in the late 70's introduced me to volumes of singer-songwriter material, sung by counselors and paddling through endless canoe trips to the beat of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. Great music for a lifetime.

Paul Boudreau's picture


laberica's picture

Yeah, it's mine!

garymckee's picture


Curvfalls's picture


nstereo's picture

I think the winner should get Mr. Fremer to come to their home and tweak their turntable as a bonus from Analog Planet! What do ya say?

rakalm's picture

Saw that tour at Capitol Center as well and the one with Graham and David at Constitution Hall (Wind On The Water tour). I was the guy who got his head busted open on the stage on that one. Maybe Graham remembers? I still bear the scar. The last CS&N tour at Pier Six here in Baltimore was great.

kb54's picture

As a long time fan of this band, I should definitely win! Thanks very much, KB

Boxofsound's picture

I'll take it, no more calls, we have a winner. Hopefully me.

tounsand's picture

...to win it.

rickyjay's picture

Got to be in it to win it.

morob7's picture


gjr1's picture

I already have these LP's, but the reissue will be a welcome upgrade.

SunRa2000's picture

but I'd really like to have the vinyl.

dbvl13's picture

Michael, you're the best! Wonderful vinyl giveaways make life better!

jrhud's picture

I see this is one of the more popular give aways!

PhillipC's picture

Please let me win!

Bob Harden's picture

Sign me up.

nixonismyhero's picture

Randomly select me!

Music Man's picture

Let's give it a try

isaacrivera's picture

You never know!

Miner42's picture

would absolutely love this

swimming1's picture

I've got the CD! It's obvious that they were doing heavy duty drugs!

Muso's picture

...therefore I wasn't there!

afarooqui's picture

I am proudly Canadian! :-)

ajpanic's picture

Very excited about this and hoping to be the lucky winner.

dougdbs's picture

looks nice, i'll take it

tom_ron's picture

Michael, thanks for doing what you do. I would very much appreciate winning the boxed set.

famorgens's picture

This is terrific! I'd love to see more of these.

Dorian Workman's picture

Sign me up, thanks Mikey baby!!!!!

Zappa Fan 1966's picture

I would love to own this set. Thank you, Michael, for all you do for the cause of vinyl!

Glotz's picture

I need this as my soul has lost its way...

vmartell's picture

I was conceived to CSNY Please! want it want it want it!

freejazz's picture

amazing what effort goes into some box sets these days.

DLKG's picture

Great send it to my house please !!! I haven't won yet and it's time now !!

Gstepcox's picture

Attended this round of concerts at Clevland Stadium, Summer 1974...huge crowd and amazing music.

WaltonGoggins's picture

Me, me!