CSNY 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Deluxe Box Set Sweepstakes

Register to win a CSNY 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Deluxe Box Set ($499 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the label:

CSNY 1974 captures the band’s one-of-a-kind harmonic alchemy during its remarkable outdoor stadium tour, a trek that spanned more than two months, and included 31 concerts, in 24 cities, with combined audiences of over a million people. Produced by Graham Nash and Joel Bernstein, the box set mirrors the electric/acoustic/electric format that the band followed each night on stage, representing an idealized version of a show from the tour.

"This project has been the most difficult, yet rewarding work I’ve ever done in my 50 years of recording," says Graham Nash. "It rekindled the love I have for my partners and the music we have made together."

The box set includes some of CSNY’s best-known music; songs like "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," "Helpless," "Wooden Ships," and "Teach Your Children." During the 1974 tour, CSNY also introduced new songs that emerged later on various albums, like Crosby’s "Time After Time," and Nash’s "Fieldworker. Several songs by Young are previously unreleased, including "Traces," "Love/Art Blues," "Goodbye Dick," and "Hawaiian Sunrise."


  • All 40 tracks on six 180-gram 12” vinyl records, housed in a custom laser-etched maple LP folio case.
  • 40 high-quality audio tracks on a Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc
  • Digital download of full 40 tracks.
  • Bonus DVD
  • Coffee Table size book of never before seen photos from the 1974 tour.

This set is limited to 1000 copies, individually numbered, and housed in a custom laser-etched maple wood box. It is available exclusively through CSNY.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Chris Everhart's picture

I have the perfect spot on my shelves for this.

Nick G's picture

...but where to keep it?

sharris55's picture

Would be a perfect complement to the blu-ray box set I have of these recordings.

lewisss's picture

i never win competitions, but you never know...............

mnilan's picture

Started playing music seriously just a few years before this and CSN&Y were huge influences.

crubio's picture

I have room for this in the kitchen.

naknut's picture

Another great reason to be a part of Analog Planet

concerto12's picture

and then I saw this lovely box set.

azpaint's picture

Testing my luck! :)

gromitsdad's picture

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have gotten me out of some very rough times in the past. Deja Vu remains my personal number one album of all time.

Winning this box set would feel like the unobtainable cherry on top.

Thank you so much for offering this.

I will now go cross my fingers!

GeorgesCrochet's picture

I had to, I'm getting bald.

MikeTz's picture

Would be great to own this set, am a big CSN&Y fan!! Cheers for the opportunity :)

Astroman's picture

If I win you can have some of my purple berries! Probably keep us both alive.

pablok27's picture

Best when there's a Young in the mix!

estimatedprophet's picture

this tour is infamous for excessive drug use, but I would love to hear this music ... Please Pick Me!

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DigMyGroove's picture

And he appears to be the winner, appears to be the winner....

Ktracho's picture

until a couple months ago. I would love to hear his music, so please send me this box set.

kevinsponge's picture

cool thanks!

tube dog's picture

I never win anything.

John Macca's picture

No more sweeps, it´s mine!

soulrevue's picture

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Me!

fore's picture

Count me in.

michaelj's picture

I need it.

swimming1's picture

I have the CD and it's obvious that drug were more important than the music!

thomoz's picture

Both for this cool offer and for the fun interview with Graham the other day!

Paully's picture

Would love to win it.

Bigmule1972's picture

Looks cool, love to hear it !!!!

Audiomutt's picture

Looking forward to getting Graham Nash's new album in April.
This would be a nice addition....

KWarn's picture

Pick me please. I have heard many of the tunes on this set and would love to own it.

howardk's picture

I really want this.

mrbig's picture

It's mine.

leegriffin's picture

I'd love to hear this on vinyl!

arvin's picture

sweet box set giddy up

MikeC's picture

"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" - Brings back fond memories of Teenage Lust. Some very attractive local girls had seen the show, and sang the chorus all summer. Still love the band - can't remember the girls names!

jmq's picture

4 and 20 years ago, I was buying boxed sets of CSN & Y CDs. This should sound better!

Chris Wright's picture

I dreamt I won this.

Hosta3's picture

Great band that I was fortunate to see an over three hour performance at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

j3brow's picture


Patanalog's picture

Fingers crossed!

jnani's picture

Have this jewel?

vinyl_lady's picture

I would love to have a second box set. The one I have is 421/1000.

Kenberg's picture

Like the others, hopeful

ad7062's picture

I would like to win. I would like to win.

djw's picture

Gotta try

andybarratt's picture

I would love this! :)

Spewey's picture

Lucky Random Comment!!

forshac's picture

I'd like to TEACH YOUR CHILDREN to CARRY ON, but I've been feeling HELPLESS ever since I ALMOST CUT MY HAIR. Right now, I'm having a DEJA VU at OUR HOUSE. Thank goodness it's almost 4:20. (See what I did there?)

Fulford's picture

This looks a really good package, it needs a good home, could be mine!

Jenn's picture

...at the NAMM Show. He's in excellent voice, performing very expressively. Was great to hear/see.

Moje's picture

...you lose some. Not really applicable here, but Ken Kesey sure said it right.

harith's picture

would be an amazing addition to my collection

popmat's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

jjgr's picture

Please me.

spivechild's picture

(fingers crossed)

sonnenwender's picture

I'm in

Mark Evans's picture

Wow!I'm a long time listener and would love to have this album.

tjingram's picture

I saw them in March of 2000 in Indianapolis. It was a great show.

kkatseanes's picture

Wow! What a great opportunity. Fingers crossed.

mab's picture

thank you!

dyln61's picture

Did I win? ;-)

RonTheScrapGuy's picture

helplessly hoping!

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swansong123's picture

I never seem to be lucky with these sorts of things, but I'm willing to give it a go for this.

Andrea Tubaro's picture

It was the time when we though everything was possible!

greenby's picture

I just started looking to replace some of my overplayed originals. This would be timely.

patunnell's picture

This would be fantastic!

Steve Edwards's picture

there is a spot reserved on my shelf for this set.
Thank you!

hockeyyo's picture

Hope to see Graham Nash in Austin,TX in May. Enjoyed the interview and look forward to hearing the new album on vinyl.

XjunkieNL's picture

...price to win!

fullglass's picture

A fan since the seventies.

Cardanken's picture

Great looking set.

sgibson389's picture

please enter me. Thank you

Ryshul's picture

Count me in!

Eskisi's picture

Signing up

Toptip's picture

How can you go wrong?

JMT's picture

Count me in!!

teenage diplomat's picture

CSNY's Four Way Street is one of my favorite live LPs, and I would love this to go with it.

avinylphile's picture

Count me in

rpsssound's picture

y not me?!?

Kirby's picture

I too already own the Blu-Ray and it does sound terrific, so it will not disappoint me too much not to win. But as good as the Blu-Ray set is, I can only imagine how great the Lps will sound. Who ever wins will be in for a treat. Graham really did a awesome job on this one. I preordered his new Lp and also a reissue of his first after listening to your interview. What a great time for vinyl lovers! Thanks Mikey

Kirby's picture

Should have read the rules first....Oh well just ordered myself CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG 4 Way Street (1971 UK plum & red label) on Amazon to make up for it! Good luck all and Happy Listening....

eFlatBlues's picture

Would love to win this.

otaku2's picture

That would look perfect next to my Paramount box set.

kman's picture

maybe my lucky day will come

sunsales's picture

Good Luck!!!

Russo7516's picture

Maybe I will get lucky

beaur's picture

I could use some additional CSNY is my library!

McEnthusiast's picture

I'l take one!

groove123's picture

Would love this box set! Pick me!!

cjmillsnun@gmail.com's picture

Yes please!

curbach's picture

Count me in, please!

cajunkahne's picture

Fingers Crossed!!!

Cassius's picture

Glad Neil pushed for the 24/192, the sound is exceptional on the hi res. Would love the chance to hear this through my analog rig. There are some great performances here despite the fact the group was a bit "tuned up" on this tour.

Carlcolo's picture

Back to vinyl after 20 years away

skip's picture

I would love to be the lucky winner!

huntermark's picture

That would be cool.

Blue Note's picture

would love to own this! I have been picking up a number of the AP LS issues, superb!

jek's picture

Please pick me!

Trident's picture

Not too late

Craig's picture

wow great prize ! would love to share this with my vinyl loving 14 year old son ....keeping analog alive with a next generation

Chemguy's picture

What a lovely thing to win.

57strat's picture

This would make an awesome addition to my budding vinyl collection!

jeffreyj's picture

...this gorgeous box set.

GFaulk's picture

It's my time!

Vinylfan2012's picture

Count me in!

Arnie's picture

Awesome Harmonies

captain_joe6's picture

Well, count me in I suppose...

Nightfly3000's picture

Woo Hoo! Let's do this!

Markelliott's picture

Winning this box set would so perfectly fit my wife's and I Sunday morning vinyl worship hours. We sit on our comfy leather couch drinking coffee, reading the paper, and taking turns choosing what goes on the turntable next. No better way to start the day!

VirginVinyl's picture

Tin solider and Nixon coming we've finally on our own.


ljcronin's picture

If only this was a Chicago election.

Simon M's picture

All thanks to Joni

J70s's picture

the sweepstakes have not closed yet.

"You may already be a winner..."

Csbushover's picture

Oh, the good ol' days. I would love this gift of music

upinsmoke's picture

would love to hear this at home

Richard Cook's picture

I'd love to own this box set. CSN&Y were the closes thing to the Beatles to come out of the US music scene in the 60's.

esb1954's picture
esb1954's picture


Dobro910's picture

Good luck to all!

jdmoviebuff's picture

Awesome set‼️

tbromgard's picture

Would love to take it for a spin...

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jblackhall's picture

Sign me up. I'd love to get a copy of this!

dasacco's picture

Sure looks nice!

Wickedexile's picture

Thank you for another giveaway

wfkthree's picture

for this box set!

kazookafour's picture

Heaven on earth...viva vinyl!

Adam Sohmer's picture

...should I win the drawing. Thanks in advance.

charliepress's picture

Can't afford it otherwise!

jlevine's picture

Hope its me!

atomlow's picture

How are you?

donhan1's picture

Thanks for the chance!!!!

kruhlin's picture

Sounds good to me!

ColoKurt's picture

...then certainly I can win this

jasmith's picture

I'm way overdue for a win.

mtglass's picture

I would love this set!

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TW's picture

Sure love to take this set for a spin.

Chriswilford1's picture

seen on this site....

skoma1's picture

You had me at "custom laser-etched maple LP folio case".

texanalog's picture

Analog Planet rules!

GeeLP's picture

Since I don't have the money for the vinyl set (I spend it on my little grand daughter instead), please pick me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

vogelzang's picture

I love Graham Nash!

Bomberbooey's picture

Crossing my fingers. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

avi242's picture

No thanks!

TRTim's picture

Pick me ...pick me

cdb3's picture

Thanks for giving us this opportunity. I have the CDs but the vinyl would sound better, I'm sure!

zomax's picture

speak out against the madness!