CSNY 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Deluxe Box Set Sweepstakes

Register to win a CSNY 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Deluxe Box Set ($499 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the label:

CSNY 1974 captures the band’s one-of-a-kind harmonic alchemy during its remarkable outdoor stadium tour, a trek that spanned more than two months, and included 31 concerts, in 24 cities, with combined audiences of over a million people. Produced by Graham Nash and Joel Bernstein, the box set mirrors the electric/acoustic/electric format that the band followed each night on stage, representing an idealized version of a show from the tour.

"This project has been the most difficult, yet rewarding work I’ve ever done in my 50 years of recording," says Graham Nash. "It rekindled the love I have for my partners and the music we have made together."

The box set includes some of CSNY’s best-known music; songs like "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," "Helpless," "Wooden Ships," and "Teach Your Children." During the 1974 tour, CSNY also introduced new songs that emerged later on various albums, like Crosby’s "Time After Time," and Nash’s "Fieldworker. Several songs by Young are previously unreleased, including "Traces," "Love/Art Blues," "Goodbye Dick," and "Hawaiian Sunrise."


  • All 40 tracks on six 180-gram 12” vinyl records, housed in a custom laser-etched maple LP folio case.
  • 40 high-quality audio tracks on a Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc
  • Digital download of full 40 tracks.
  • Bonus DVD
  • Coffee Table size book of never before seen photos from the 1974 tour.

This set is limited to 1000 copies, individually numbered, and housed in a custom laser-etched maple wood box. It is available exclusively through CSNY.

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marmaduke's picture

If you give, I will be grateful to receive.

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count me in

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very very much want...

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Deja Vu

JJG22's picture

Love it!

cpp's picture

This would be a great addition to my CSN&Y set.

lutry's picture

...for it

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Good luck

Montreal's picture

Looks like fantastic music.Would like to know if vinyl is all analogue or mastered from digital !

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thread winner

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I would love to own this!!!!!

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I'm in.

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Chance at a box set as cool as this for leaving a comment sounds like a good deal to me

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My budget could afford these !!!
Thanks !

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This would sit very well with my wife and I during our Sunday morning vinyl "worship hour". Nothing in the world like a cup of coffee curled up on the couch with my wife, newspaper, and two dogs while we take turns choosing what to put on our turntable next. Would sure love to have this box set for those mornings!

DocSamG's picture

My favorite group. I would love this set. Please!!!!!!

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I would love to hear this set. Owning it would be even better!

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I want it.

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...all the more urgent to get on board this history train!

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right between their earlier classics and their solo offerings.

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I need to win something

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My favorite album!

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why not

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because hope springs eternal.

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I would love this set not only for my own listening pleasure, but also to introduce my teenage children to some great music, on vinyl no less.

english pete's picture

And maybe some CSNY while you're at it. Sorry, couldn't resist it.

pjpollina's picture

CCR/CSNY... Too much LDS in the '60's. Either way, It's time.

GrooveJunkie's picture

"something witty"

Anton D's picture

After reading the music industry news this week, it seems no more C in CSNY if Neil and Graham are involved.

Kudos to Graham for preserving the tapes!

stillyawning's picture

Love this band. Would be great to win this package.

lensimons's picture

The Kallax 5x5 unit I plan to buy this weekend will mean I once again have some empty shelf space to fill - this beauty would be just the ticket!

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In 1974 I was 11 y.o. Nope, didn't make this tour.

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I would really enjoy this box set.

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And a dream prize! Good luck to all.

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CSN, CSNY...love their stuff. Thanks.

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I will gladly jump on this bandwagon!

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Awesome package, great performers and performances.

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Please send by FedEx overnight!

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Would love to get this!

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I have high hopes that I will win. Thank you.

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pick me!

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Sound quality on this live recording is astonishing. Better than Little Feat's Waiting for Columbus...


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Ok, I'll unscramble that when if I get the set...

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Look forward to it.

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Would look great in my music room

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And thank you :)

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CSN...Y don't you just give it to me?!? (seriously...)

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This is a cool item and would look good on my shelf

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I'll play one of these great songs next week!

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win now

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Que linda me la traiga Cuba,
la reina de la Mar Caribe.
Cielo sol no tiene sangreahi,
y que triste que no puedo vaya,
Oh va, oh va, va.

Loosely translated that is:

How happy it makes me to think of Cuba,
the smiles of the Caribbean Sea,
Sunny sky has no blood, and how sad that
I'm not able to go
Oh go, oh go go

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Let it be me....

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Need good vinyl to combat the Trump-madness!!

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Sure would like that set

ellisen's picture

I was a little young to see them back in '74. I did see CSN at the Fillmore in SF in '97, and I'm going to see David Crosby in Berkeley on Thursday night. Yay!

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And so am I, so I win!

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Helplessly hoping. ;^)

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Love the blu-ray version of this!

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Why not give it a shot?

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Happy to enter for this prize -- I can't afford to buy it, so really hope I can win!

workingwriter's picture

First saw Stills at MKE Summerfest in ~1972. Have seen CSN a few times, Crosby/Nash once at eTown, and CSNY for the Free Speech tour.

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Love CSNY, this would be awesome to win

shollndr@bellsouth.net's picture

Need it! Wan't it!

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After hearing the Blu-ray version of this set, what a pleasure it would be to own this collection on vinyl. It's a shame I read that Nash is feuding with Crosby and they may never tour together again. This set from 1974 really brings back that era! Thanks for the opportunity!

dolomas's picture

I'll buy a new turntable to play it on!

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Don't pick me, I would only enjoy listening to it ...

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I like very much!

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I would love to win! Thanks

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Not only will I fully enjoy this on my elegant system but I will give it the ultrasonic treatment via my Klaudio record cleaner.

Making room right now for that wood box. How thick is it?

thank you for your consideration


g_e's picture

I knew this record , Horatio.

And I liked it very well.

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Teach Your Children that this is a great prize!

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It's been a long time coming

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Thank you.

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fingers are crossed.

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I would love to own this boxset!

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Count me in!

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This would be the "Crowning Jewel" of my collection. Beautiful.

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This has to be in MY HOUSE...

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Please, please, please please . . . .

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Wouldn't mind to try

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Excellent year for CSNY!

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I'll take it, pretty please. Looks like a great set!!

--merlin-the-dog--'s picture

Number 9

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I believe I'm winning this - THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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in advance!

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Would love to enjoy this! You guys ROCK!

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Sounds like an amazing box set... here's hoping!

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I'd like to win. thanks

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Please send it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Many a chemically-hazed college day feeling the harmony!

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Finally, an awesome box set from CSNY! I want one!

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This set looks pretty awesome.

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I need a set in a real wood box!

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So excited I can't get the date right!

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Loved that record. Add me please.

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I've seen them in several configurations and always a great concert.

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Thank you.

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Here's my entry, with crossed fingers and a bent corner!

redles's picture

Love these guys (even though they no longer love each other)

Peter Kostakis's picture

We've all been here before.

norhabs33's picture

I would love to relive that experience again. I went to 3 of those concerts back in my summer of 74. Peace out brother love.

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Great music and I hope to have the honor of winning this special limited release collection.

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Please pick me

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A great addition to my existing collection

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I would the LP's and have collected them since I was a kid. Please add them to my collection. They will be in good company.

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OK, so I'm begging!

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Who could pass up this opportunity??? Not me.

Gr8tfuldead's picture

CSNY not me?

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To cherish vinyl

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I wouldn't turn it down :)

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This Collection looks absolutely amazing!

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Is this AAA? :)

jkingtut's picture

The loudest freaking show on Analog or any other Planet. I'm sure partially responsible for my recent onset of tinnitus. And I was living just a few miles from Landover hmmm, I guess we wanted to see an outdoor show. I love the CD's but you know the rest......

J.D.'s picture

contest entry.

39goose's picture

Can't wait to hear this !!!

bvj's picture

Carry on Rockin in the free world!!

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I bought all their LPs as each was released and still have'em.

sferentzy's picture

Such a superb live recording, the performance and the sound quality both.

Ala836's picture

This will be to start my daughter's love for vinyl!

jkstraw's picture

This may be the coolest box set I've ever seen (or heard)!

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Sirpent's picture

Woodstock Festival August 15-18, 1969

rakunb's picture

I love Analog Planet!

DrewK's picture

Love CSNY!

kweilo's picture

One of the best groups ever!

Ronnie G's picture

You could not believe how happy this old hippie would be if I win the CSNY boxset

Ronnie G's picture

You would not believe how happy this old hippie
Would be if I win this cool boxset
Peace and Love

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I could die and go to heaven after listening to this.

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Maybe this time I will be lucky!!!

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It would be great if I won

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yes it does

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Count me in.

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This is a great idea. It is also one of my all time favorite albums.

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I would LOVE to win this sweepstakes!!

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Clearly I should win, as all the other entrants would play it on a Crosley.

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Would love to win this, and also waiting a review thanks.

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Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me....PLEEZE!

ramjar's picture

Just finished reading Neil Youngs autobiography. A bit of ramble, but fun!

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Would love this :)

jek's picture

Would love it! Matches my Pono! Thanks for the chance Mikey!

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I love vinyl and this would be a great addition to my collection.

jimbob71's picture

I love vinyl.

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It's hard to believe there'll only be 1,000 of these available. Wait though, you're giving one away here. There's actually only 999 left.

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Would love to own this!

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...would love to have it!

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Spin me a winner