DISCOGS In Association With Audio-Technica Presents "Crate Diggers" Record Fair NYC Sat. July 27th

100 tables filled with vinyl records highlights the New York City Crate Diggers event to be held in Times Square at the Playstation Theater 1515 Broadway, this Saturday, July 27th starting at 10:00 AM. Admission is free! The after-party featuring Roy Ayers, Method Man + Redman and many others is a paid admission event requiring ticket pre-purchase. For details go here.

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First I've heard of this and I likely wouldn't have, save for you Michael. I will be there! Thank you!

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Michael is that a typo? I don’t think they could fit 1000 tables into the theater. Discogs isn’t very forthcoming with info about the record fair. 1000 tables would be on a scale that I don’t think even Austin had in its glory days. 100 makes sense...1000 would be a record.

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Yes, my bad. It's 100 tables. Thanks for the catch!
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I forgot to say thank you. I wouldn't have known about this if you hadn't mentioned it.

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I went to the record fair this morning. I don't think there were one hundred tables but there was a pretty good selection. It was well attended. More people than tables. I bought four records: Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners. Original Riverside - $20.
Chico Hamilton - Chic Chic Chico. Original Impulse - $15.
Jimmy Smith/Stanley Turrentine - Prayer Meetin' Blue Note first pressing - $15. Clifford Brown Memorial Album - Blue Note DMM Mono - $12. DMM, I know, not great but I wanted the album. I'm particularly pleased with the Monk purchase. If Discogs does this in NYC again I'd suggest they find a better venue. The theater was dark. I prefer lots of light when searching through boxes. Also, somewhere other than Times Square. There's a reason New Yorkers avoid it.