Eric Leefe's Last Call to Rock'n'Roll

Many readers are well-acquainted with Eric Leefe's story. For those who are not, I first read about Eric in an inspirational piece by music journalist Jim Beckerman published last summer inThe Bergen Record.

I decided Eric needed an afternoon in my listening chair so I went to visit him and arranged a visit where I played personal DJ.

The musician and avid music fan had but a Bose Wave radio with a built in CD player with a slot load that, because of his disability (Cerebral Palsy) Eric was unable to use. That struck me as both absurd and unfair so I reached out to analogplanet readers, whose overwhelming generosity was both awesome and hardly surprising given the thoughtfulness of the site's visitors.

Within a short time I was able to deliver and set up for Eric a terrific system complete with a 300 disc Pioneer CD changer Eric can operate by remote control. So now he had access to all 200+ CDs. When I visit, it's almost always on and blasting. Good thing most of his neighbors in the elder care center where he finds himself are stone deaf!.

Unfortunately, CP is a degenerative condition and Eric's health is slowly deteriorating. The rock vocalist who never let his wheel-chair bound condition stop him from fronting a band and playing legendary clubs like CBGBs and Max's Kansas City (where analogplanet editor MF twice did stand-up rock'n'roll comedy), now feels he'll soon lose his ability to sing and perform in public so he asked me to help organize one final show that will also act as a fundraiser to help cover his considerable medical expenses (calling it "Eric Leefe's "Last Call to Rock'n'Roll" was Eric's idea). Though much of it is covered by insurance, Eric says pharmaceuticals are not completely covered.

So, on Monday, May 4th at 9PM Eric Leefe will perform, backed by the local band 6V6 (AP readers more than most know to what that refers!) at Blue Moon Mexican Cafe, 327 Franklin Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481. The show starts at 9PM. We'll be collecting funds at the door but donations are strictly voluntary. There's no charge for admission.

Eric will sing a set of a half-dozen plus rock classics, among them Lou Reed's "Vicious", Bowie's "Rebel, Rebel" and Hendrix's "Red House". The photo at the top was taken at the first rehearsal and it was a productive and efficient meeting of musical minds.

So, if you or any of your friends and/or relatives are in the area and want to help Eric and be entertained as well as draw some strength and inspiration from a guy who has never let the hand he was dealt get the better of him, come on over to Blue Moon. The food's great and so are the "Margies". The next day is Cinco De Mayo, so why not start a day early? You'll leave feeling better even if you don't drink!

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Is there an address we can send a contribution?

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After the event I will provide that for those interested in helping Eric.
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Is there by chance any video of you performing stand up comedy? THAT I'd like to see! Prayers for Eric, fight the good fight.

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There's a half-hour "easter egg" at the end of "21st Century Vinyl-Michael Fremer's Practical Guide to Turntable Set-up" that includes stand up footage. There was room on the DVD so I put it on there but didn't identify it. After the DVD fades to black after the credits the numbers continue to run and after a minute or so it starts. Now that the DVD has been out for so long (and still selling well!) why not mention it?
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Wish I could be there. Would be great if his performance could be posted up somewhere. I also will contribute, please do provide info.

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And then finding a way of selling it as a download. I'm sure one of the music services would help - great PR for them. And wouldn't it be fantastic if we got it going viral and managed to get it to the top of the download chart? Oh and make a load of money for Eric. Maybe a bit optimistic, but hey if we don't dream.

An alternative / additional thing would be to set up a donations page for him. The ones we tend to use here in the UK only work for registered charities I think. Again, I'm sure that could be sorted though.

Whatever, hope the gig goes really well, and respect to Eric.

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I will video the performance and try to get a board mix recording that hopefully I can synch with picture...
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I have CP myself, I must often fight spasms when working on broadcast gear, the odd on air substitution. I wish I was there in support, how Cerebral Palsy muscles age and evolve is frustrating. Most frustrating of all, is the lack of good, refined cartridges rugged enough to put up with spastic vinylphiles who must have their analog. May Eric's last call for rock and roll be wildly successful. Michael, can you recommend bombproof and good cartridges for spastic audiophile ears? Which aren't an insult to them, and budget friendly. I'd love to know.