Fans Demand More Blue Notes From Music Matters!

A group of determined fans of both the Blue Note jazz catalog and the Music Matters reissues, which are always done from tape and done correctly recently started a drive to convince the label to issue more of Blue Notes after the label apparently decided it had released a sufficient number.

If you'd like to have more Music Matters Blue Notes go to the petition site and sign it!

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The Music Matters Blue Note reissues are an perfect example of vinyl issues done properly and while more of them are always welcome, personally I'd love to see them branch out to other labels. What I wouldn't give for a Music Matters classic rock series...

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It strikes me as obvious that what Blue Note fans should so is go order some records from Music Matters, that's the real petition that matters! Vote with your bucks.

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Well, I can't speak for every fan, but I've been voting with my wallet all along: I have every single Musical Matters 33 rpm Blue Note release.

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I'd love to see different Blue Note titles, less reissue of the obvious ones, other labels like Contemporary (AP is doing well with Prestige, both blues and jazz). Agree with Jay above, classic rock done properly would be nice too. Maybe once the shelf stock sells out, new motivation will happen...

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I have been a subscriber to the Music Matters series from day 1. I don't think anybody does it better. That being said, I don't need another copy of "Midnight Blue" or "Blue Train". I wouldn't object if they branched out to something different. I would buy whatever Music Matters decides to do if it is the same quality as what they have been doing (keep it 33 RPM). They know how to find me. I hope they figure something out moving forward.

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They need to reissue more 60's 70's stuff, Brother Jack Mcduff, Blue Mitchell, Big John Patton, Reuben Wilson, etc.

There is only so much bop and hard bop a guy can take!