Fire at Pallas Pressing Plant Destroys CD/DVD Duplication Facility

This is no April Fool's Day trick: a fire last night destroyed the Pallas Pressing Plant's CD/DVD duplication facility. Fortunately there were no injuries.

The photo used here is of the vinyl pressing plant located across the street from the CD/DVD duplication plant built years later. The blue object in the foreground is a very old press now kept outdoors and used as a lawn sculpture.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Since the two plants are located across the street from one another, there should be little if any impact upon Pallas's superb vinyl pressing facility.

However, an individual with close ties to the plant told me that two recently imported presses that arrived from the UK a short time ago and were being stored at the CD/DVD duplication facility may have been damaged in the fire. Fortunately presses are remarkably robust devices so everyone hopes for the best.

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Having watched many times "It's a Vinyl world after all" I understand the disclaimer that leads this story.

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Glad no one was hurt. And glad that the LP pressing building is OK. The last thing the world needs now is one of the biggest vinyl pressing plants to shut down.

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Most important is no life is lost. There should be a better way to overcome these threats.

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Sad to hear about the incident and good to hear that nobody was hurt. The building too did not got any damages.
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