First Six Bryan Ferry Albums Released on AAA Vinyl?

Don't know how we missed this but Bryan Ferry's first six solo albums are about to be released on vinyl, " from the original tapes at Abbey Road Studios and cut by Frank Arkwright." It's unfortunate that today we can't be sure if that means an AAA cut or if Arkwright used the original tapes and digitized before cutting. Hence the question mark in the headline.

The records feature enhanced versions of the original artwork overseen by Bryan Ferry. These records are definitely for your pleasure!

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Remastered from the original analogue tapes, that was my question as well. The blurb says remastered from the original analogue tapes and cut by Frank Arkwright, not remastered from the original analogue tapes by Frank Arkwright. In saying that my copy of The Bride Stripped Bare (mastered at STERLING SOUND) will be hard to beat!

Could your good self send them an email and ask THAT question!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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I got an auto-response from Arkwright's email server so far
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i have a sterling as well think i might have to pull out my first five ( that is all i have ) ferry lp's and give a listen it's been a while.

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please ask if they don’t understand or what reasons they have.

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...."Boys and Girls". Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

LOVE Bryan Ferry!

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The Boys and Girls album is so freaking good, as is Bete Noir. They could make an excellent double album. I still regularly listen to them to this day.

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I was hoping for bonus new stuff from that era, same for Roxy : only their 1st LP was reissued three years ago with 2 CD + 1 DVD of unreleased material includind the BBC sessions (sadly incomplete = a shame as there was room for it !).

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“Remastered and cut from the Original 1/4” Tapes at Abbey Rd. Studios.” So, fingers crossed?

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Boys and girls is a 44.1/16 digital recording....

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If they have been digitised I will get none of them.
Having a set of very good originals.

Coming out of Abbey Road, my bet would be on more digitised vinyl.
So no way.

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is enough on its own to get the record.
But no way if this just more digitised vinyl from Abbey road. No way I am encouraging this in any form.

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I own all of the originals so I can say with pleasure that my choice to purchase Boys And Girls was rewarded by a completely flat and quiet listen. All of the depth and layering that was heaped on this record and then mastered by Bob Ludwig is freshly recreated in all of its glory. I have a very high end system (All Mcintosh with a VPI Aries turntable) and I wondered what I'd hear. At $25 it is a worthy purchase.

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The Taliban have just finished taking over Afghanistan. They're spending a good deal of time trying to convince all of the foreign reporters flocking to Kabul that they're going to be really, really nice this time, and not shoot any and every woman they see.

That's exactly the same as hoping that any vinyl record released today doesn't come from either a digital file, is digitally mastered, or doesn't have digital groove width/depth preview.

Ohhh, fairy dust, you're so nice. I do believe in fairies. I do I do.

Rock on.

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Errrrr..... What?

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Why do these people who have the original tapes, digitise them? Surely if anyone knows that digital processing diminishes the sound, it is the guys sitting in the mastering studios listening to the original tapes first hand? It's like taking fresh roasted coffee beans and processing them into instant coffee and drinking that. And why do they conceal it? what is the harm in letting those of us know, who's first question when deciding to buy a record, is it an analog? I am a huge fan of Marth
a Argerich playing Chopin and have bought 2 recent vinyl releases on Warner Classic. They just sound sanitised, and I suspect the reason is that they are from digital masters, but for love or money, I cannot find out for sure. I am about to buy her DG Chopin box set with the same uncertainty.

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I don’t have this album so what the heck I will buy it.

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I don’t have this album so what the heck I will buy it.