Further Details Emerge About Promises  —Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders Collaboration With The London Symphony Orchestra

Luaka Bop releases March 26th this sensational collaboration between this collaboration between Sam Shepherd (Floating Points) and Pharoah Sanders with the London Symphony Orchestra. It's a sonically spectacular, musically beguiling continuous piece of music in nine movements for saxophone, strings, keyboards and electronics composed by Sam Shepherd. Lacquers cut by Chris Bellman, pressed at RTI, the sonics are enveloping, the music in and out of the world.

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Hi Mikey,

This might require an edit for clarity.

“...this sensational collaboration between this collaboration ...”

Kindest regards, Jim

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Really looking forward to this release. It's an interesting collaboration, but I think it has potential to be a forward-looking blend of the old and new. Acoustic and electric. Glad to see they're putting effort into the vinyl release and having CB do the cut

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...and I've never heard Floating Points. I'm glad this is on my radar, but I'm going to have to wait for more than a 25-second clip before pulling the trigger. Thanks for the heads-up!