"Gene Clark" Coming Soon AAA From Intervention

Intervention will soon release an all-analog edition of Gene Clark's 1971 A&M classic album (SP 4292) that unfortunately suffered a rare A&M art department screw-up. It was Clark's first solo album after leaving The Byrds (not counting Gene Clark With the Gosdin Brothers from 1967 or Clark's two short but essential albums with Doug Dillard) and while the album was supposed to be called White Light and it's called that on the label, the jacket makes no mention of it and so it's just Gene Clark. There's probably an interesting back story here but I don't know it.

In any case, the album, produced by Jesse Davis and recorded at The Village in West L.A. features some of Clark's finest, most tender-hearted songwriting including "Spanish Guitar", "Because of You" and "With Tomorrow". It's an album of originals other than a cover of Richard Manuel and Bob Dylan's "Tears of Rage", which sounds as if it was recorded elsewhere at a different session.

The test pressing I got to hear after playing the original for 47 years was a shocker. The reissue cut by Kevin Gray from a 1/2" safety master completely smokes the A&M original. Not even close. Intervention IR-028 is due out September 2018. It's a "must have" IMO, whether you call it White Light or Gene Clark.

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Hi Mikey, I just purchased the 2011 edition from Sundazed, Did I jump to soon as Intervention only had the CD version listed. As always thanks for your direction and help for the quality time you invest, many of us value it greatly. Rich

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Yes...not a costly mistake though. If you opt for the Intervention I’d be curious to hear about what you hear!
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Rich, does your Sundazed make your arm sway back and forth like mine does? The sound itself made me think my tables were having speed issues. (They weren't.)

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I have yet to listen but will give you an update, the Sundazed SUPER SESSION Lp purchased at the same time played much better than I had expected, flat, quiet, and very little sway.

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Many of us do value your time, direction and help greatly.

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Can anyone verify if the 4 Men With Beards vinyl issue is AAA?

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Not likely AAA....
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Well, at least my auto insurance is AAA.

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I remember looking hard for an original copy of this record on Discogs years ago, after watching a Clark documentary. Slim pickings, so I'm glad this release is coming.

Intervention is a new label for me. Does anyone have stuff to share, previous experience with their product?