Gotta Groove Pressing Plant Movie Competes For Awards

A short film about Cleveland Pressing Plant Gotta Groove Records has been selected for screening by both the Palm Springs International ShortFest as well as the the San Francisco Documentary Festival (screening today, June 9th).

The film is also in competition for the Palm Springs Online Shortfest award. You can vote for the Gotta Groove movie online. As you'll see, the film is about midwestern manufacturing as well as vinyl culture. It's worth a watch!

d0nmacrti's picture

This is an excellent piece about a really good company and it's great people. Please view and vote.
Don MacInnis/RTI

mraudioguru's picture

...Thanks for sharing! Go off to vote right now.

Audio 1's picture

I really enjoyed watching this video. Of course we love the topic, but the best part is the creation of jobs by passionate individuals producing an excellent product in the USA.
Voting for Gotta Groove is done!

AxiomAcoustics's picture

Great to see this, here's to their continued success and growth. Well, not TOO much growth.

What I's like to know is how I can ensure that I always get my copy from the 'last stack'.