Gotta Groove Records Changes Hands

Cleveland, Ohio based Gotta Groove Records today announced an ownership change, but it shouldn't change how the company does business, which is very successfully, or how it presses records, which is very well.

In an email announcement that arrived today, founder Vince Slusarz, who started the company in 2009 (a very good time to start a pressing plant in my opinion) sold most of Gotta Groove, along ceding day-to-day control to Matt Earley and to Mr. Slusarz's son Vince, aka JR. Earley, an attorney, has been with Gotta Groove since June, 2009 as head of Sales and Marketing. JR started out as a press operator in 2009 (and he still speaks to his father!) and worked in QC and packaging too. Within a few years of the plant's opening the young Slusarz helped the company establish a second shift, then he took over production scheduling and running the operation while his father took a leave of absence. In addition, during the time, he obtained his M.B.A.

The older Mr. Slusarz will remain on the company's Board of Directors and continue for now will oversee day-to-day operations during the transition.

In the email announcement he thanks many in the industry who helped the start up. Here's what he wrote (among many other thanks:

"I was also greatly assisted by the generous time provided to me by several industry veterans- Steve Sheldon of Rainbo Records; Don, Rick and Dorin at RTI; Tom at Brooklyn Phono; the late Tom Dillander of Palomino Records; John and Warren at Musicol; Will from EKS; Dave Jump of URP; and Kevin Smith of Bill Smith Records. Their welcoming of an unproven newcomer to the business was heartening, and their practical advice priceless."

Slusarz senior concluded by writing, "The future of the industry looks very bright. What was odd to most people back in 2009 (“They still make records? Who buys them?”) has become more mainstream. I am excited to see what Matt, JR and the rest of our team contributes to the industry, your business, and your listening experience!"

Continued success to Gotta Groove Records!

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When I saw the headline, I thought "Oh, no! Vince sold out!" But this is merely a logical direction for GGR to go and the folks involved are part of the company's DNA. Nice to hear good news for a change.