Graham Model 2.0 tonearm Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Medium-mass, damped unipivot tonearm.
Dimensions: Effective length: 235mm. Effective mass: 11 grams.
Serial number of unit reviewed: N/A.
Price: $3000 (not including tonearm cable). Constrained-layer damped armboards for: Linn LP12, $100; VPI Aries, $150; VPI TNT, $250. Approximate number of dealers: 75.
Manufacturer: Graham Engineering, Inc., 6 Kimball Ct., Woburn, MA 01801. Tel: (617) 932-8777. Fax: (627) 932- 8782. Distributed by Musical Surroundings, Inc., 5856 College Ave., Suite 146, Oakland, CA 94618. Tel: (510) 420-0379. Fax: (510) 420-0392. Web: .

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