Graham Nash Talks About "This Path Tonight" With editor Michael Fremer

Graham Nash held a "listening party" for his new album "This Path Tonight" at New York's Electric Lady Studios, Wednesday, February 24th. The album ships on April 15th, including on vinyl mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Here's a half hour interview I conducted with Graham in the Electric Lady control room.

I prepped for the interview by seeing Graham perform at The Tarrytown Music Hall, the final concert of this leg of Nash's tour in support of the new album. Nash and guitarist Shane Fontayne turned in a crowd pleasing performance of Hollies oldies, Nash solo numbers, CSN favorites and of course songs from the new album produced by Mr. Fontayne, who, with Nash, shares co-writing credits.

I hope you enjoy the interview, during which RFI messed with the ZOOM microphone recording, necessitating a few switches back to the camera mounted monophonic microphone. Overall though it came out pretty well.

Also please read about Graham's CES adventures.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with one of the musical greats! It was most enlightening!

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It sounded like you have the Deluxe CSNY Box Set of the 74 tour which includes the vinyl, it would have been interesting to hear Graham's response to why they made the decision not to make the vinyl available separately. I/we would probably all be very interested in hearing how it sounds and all the source information. Great interview.

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Was that the idea was to produce a set that creates the illusion of seeing a single concert in one venue even though it was culled from an entire tour's worth of material. So that's probably why separates won't be available...
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Mr. Nash seems to be quite a gentleman. I appreciate his life philosophy to look forward and not to dwell in his accomplished past.

Now his comment regarding his CES experience with Devore speakers has me very interested. I need to find me a dealer where I can audition these ...I'm assuming Gibbon X?

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What an interesting interview with such a brilliant yet modest musician, can't wait to see him in concert in May in the UK. Well done Michael.

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Splendid interview. Very relaxed and forthright. Good job Michael.

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Fantastic work! You have the best job in the world and we live our lives through you. The site just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy every minute i spend here. Pre ordered the vinyl, can't wait to hear it...

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Thank you so much for the very enjoyable interview. What was obvious from the start was how comfortable you both were. Graham Nash is such an amazing man, extremely down to earth. And it was great to see Mike relaxed & savoring every moment. Cheers gentlemen.

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Throughly enjoyed that. Much thanks for your efforts to make it happen. Cheers!

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We made digital sound like analog...BS.

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Thanks Michael, that was thoroughly enjoyable--a great interview. I have the CSNY 74 tour vinyl box set in the beautiful wood box and every song sounds great and the book is beautiful. Graham certainly has had an incredible music career.

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In regards to your comment about all his records sounding great. Which version/pressing, in your opinion, sounds best of CSNY Deja Vu?