Greetings From Manila!

Wish you were here.

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about this has to be illegal.

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Michael can find beautiful women in any country and probably on any "Planet".  But, I can say I am good at this as well, so  I am as good as you at one thing, just not much else.   lol

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Could it be that Michael is engaging in preparatory research for an essay on the known and unknown perils of "listening with the eyes?" We can probably all understand if this turns into a book.   Ha.


Louis Motek

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Me too.

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It was great meeting you this afternoon Mike. Your needle drops rocked.

-the USB challenged analog guy

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Philippines typhoon kills at least 10,000 people



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The extent of the tragedy was not known as it was unfolding when the picture was taken and the post to the website was made. Even the local Manilans were taken by surprise and shocked by the numbers and devastation.

This week in the Philippines is "Climate Change Awareness Week". So let me say here that conservatives who think climate change is a hoax are imbeciles.

My hosts told me that Typhoons in November have heretofore been nonexistent. This is something new. They are going through the alphabet and will start again at "A" at the current rate. They also told me that the southern pattern that spared Manila is also new, not to mention the unprecedented strength of the storm...and another one was apparently forming as I boarded the plane to leave (writing this from Taipei).

Yes, it was and is an unprecedented tragedy in the Philippines and hit an area already damaged by a large earthquake.

Nonetheless, under a headline that read "10,000 killed", the local newspaper also covered a major prize fight and the Miss Universe contest, so the Hi-Fi Show went on as scheduled and life goes on....

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I thiink you have a misplaced decimal, not that one wouldn't be too many, but you can't linger on only the bad in this world. Like your system, balance is the key.

Thanks for brightening the day Michael.


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Wish it was...

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No, believe it or not, it's right around 10,000, now back to business.



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...during the show.  And yes, good thing learning from you how to adjust SRA using the microscope :)

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Chicks did vinyl!

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Chicks dig vinyl!