GZ Media Takes Its Latest "Fashion Statement" Down the Runway!

When we announced last year that Czech Republic based GZ Media was putting online new record presses to meet the high vinyl demand skeptics said "I'll believe it when I see it."

So believe it! This photo shows the new machines in operation at GZ. No Photoshop involved.

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Mikey, do you think that these new records presses are better than refurbing older presses, like Chad did?

These look pretty high tech.

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Chad's reforms include Allen-Bradley temperature sensors embedded in the tool so the press operator can keep exact tabs on temperature, which is critical for consistently good records. These new machines do likewise as do the new ones at Pallas and the refurbs at Gotta Groove. Some prefer the Alpha-Toolex, some the SMTs, etc. But the real key is who operates and maintains. The same SMTs and other perfectly good machines are at work at URP.
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So this opens a whole new debate about the pro's & con's of digital vinyl presses. What research has found recently, is sound quality is affected by the digital pressing process. Although the human ear can't hear the difference, your house pets will! Thereby proving once and for all, it only sounds as bad or as good as the equipment used.

True analog aficionados know that in order to get that real analog sound, an Edison wax recorder must be used without the interference created by all that nasty electricity and radio interference.


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Keep your day job. There are not "digital presses"
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No digital presses? no kidding, I wonder how they've been pressing all those pretty CD's all these years.

Seriously, hope you enjoyed the joke.......

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time will tell.
btw will there be any way to distinguish pressings made on these new machines ?

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I just went to the GZ Media site and a popup picture comes up and states:

Good News For Vinyl Records Market

GZ Media is proud to announce a new prototype
of pressing machine to expand production

Mikey, I think you need to delve deeper into what this is. Could make a very interesting story and maybe a trip to the Czech Republic for said editor? Enquiring minds what to know!

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I'd be interested to learn who designed the new press and what it took (beyond the dearth of available old presses ...) to get them made.

Cobion I'm with you. I bet the presses would make better records if that control panel sported dials instead of a computer screen.


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lets keep the digital out of music. digital is horrible to my ears.

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Just because a record pressing machine has digital controls doesn't mean it is making records from MP3s or something or really pressing CDs. I'm all in favor of having new presses, it means more records will be made which means more affordable prices which means more people will be able to purchase more vinyl records which means continued and further growth for vinyl records and analog gear. Win-Win-Win in my book.

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The person was clearly making a joke about digital presses.

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By the way, the picture Mr. Fremer put up is not one of CD presses. I'm not an expert, but even I know what a CD press looks like having seen one or two and what that picture shows is not a CD press.

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Wish they had learned something from CD presses....like the importance of clean rooms. I am pretty sure a little more hygene would improve LP quality and background noise far more than $60K turntables and dishwasher sized record cleaners. I often wonder what fraction of an LP is actually pizza dough, moo shu pork, hair or cigarette ash.

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Clean rooms don't come cheap, plus lets face it her hair looks clean and very pretty for the photo! What they need are bald shaved non smoking guys on that press! :-D
If they had a clean room maybe they could grow lettuce like Toshiba, that way when sales drop they still can make a nice income from gourmet food...evil me I know.

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Looking forward to the first Sate Opera haunting because someone got their face stiuck in GZ media's record

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It appears she's already lost her right hand in the press. Only one to go. That's the benefit of digital presses though - the superior sample rates only require one hand to use them.

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I thought it was funny