Help Get The Vinyl LP Inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Maybe Win This Led Zep Box Set!

The vinyl record should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, don't you think? It, more than the 78, the cassette, the CD and especially the MP3, is responsible for the growth and success of Rock'n'Roll.

This one is the grassroots brainchild of the folks at, who proclaim "As devout music enthusiasts, we believe the vinyl record should be honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just as so many great musicians have been. In the words of the former Hall of Fame Director, Terry Stewart, 'It’s about impact, influence, innovation and excellence.' This describes exactly what the vinyl record has been to the music industry."

To that end is running a contest that concludes 5PM tomorrow evening November 20th. Entering is easy. Here are the rules: 1. "Like" their "Induct the Vinyl Record into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" Facebook page

2. Comment under the Led Zep image and tell us why the vinyl record should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (you only need to comment once, though the image will be posted several times). 3. US residents only. 4. We'll choose a winner on on 11/20 at 5PM EST. Feel free to share but it's not necessary to win. GOOD LUCK!!

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But there's nothing on this green earth that could get me to sign up for Facebook.

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Vinyl LPs have made my life enjoyable and continue to do so!

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Too bad you need Facebook.
Never even considered signing up for that crap.'s picture

Facebook? All we need is mikey and Analog Planet.

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Sign me up, can't imagine a better xmas present!

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There would be no Rock and Roll without vinyl.  Oddly enough, it may very well be it's savior.

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I love Led Zeppelin. I listen to vinyl every day. I'd love to see the vinyl record in the Rock Hall. I enjoy this site. But there is nothing in this world -- or in any other -- that would get me to sign up for Facebook. Nothing.
Stuff like this ought to come with an asterisk:
*No purchase or Facebook account necessary.

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I've been a good boy all year......ok not really. But I would love to spin this on my new Pro-ject RM 10.1 !

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Love Zep (all time favorite) and vinyl, but i want nothing to do with facebook, no way no how!!!

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...Facebook NO WAY!!!

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Facebook is for big government lovers

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There are plenty of rockin vinyl lovers in the rest of the world

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is the place where I've been lending my vote, though the reputation of an inanimate object seems petty compared to issues raised on that forum.  I find face book invasive and more than a little scary.  I already own the set and I think it's a silly idea, so don't pick me.

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Zep is great, But facebook is just a wastebook of my  time. Not to  mention Big Brother.

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if they need facebook. we don't.

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The music-listening experience just won't be the same without the LP!

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Rock and vinyl go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Now, where did I put my Jitterbug.  I have to "like" something on the Facebook!

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Of course this is a contest not one sponsored by, but I'm surprised by the Facebook-hate! 

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Many are growing weary of fb for its blatant disrespect for user privacy; even the FTC has had to smack them down.

There is a way, though: sign up for a dummy account.  Use a false name.  Use it to enter contests and follow things you might be interested in.  And (best tip of all): use it in the "incognito" browser mode in Chrome, or whatever it is called in the others.  That keeps fb from depositing cookies all over your computer and tracking your every move on the Internet (which it does, as many sites with fb code unknowingly send tracking info back to "daddy").

I still don't bother, although I keep my dummy account active.  I have a couple of "business" pages tied to sites I own.  I may dislike fb, but I'm also a good one to take advantage of free shameless self promotion.  laugh

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Vinyl Sounds Better, It's a more physical experience for me.  THAT'S WHY!!!!


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Anyone else see the love of the old and hatred of the new?  Recall when socializing was sitting around with your buds, imbibing in whatever suited you, perhaps with the use of your album cover, whereas now socializing consists of wearing headphones while walking down the street while posting to Facebook.  And perhaps that is why vinyl should be inducted; it may not cause the increase in sales that single users/listeners with ipods can (but apparently is not doing, as the industry cries the sales blues), but it was more fun, interactive, social and enriching.    



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aaah no

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Radio might have been the way to get the message out, but it was vinyl that was the medium!

I have to say, the Facebook haters sound a lot like my grandfather who denounced all music made after 1961 as "worthless noise that would surely bring our society to it's knees". I would assume these posters would be the same Stereophile letter writers that can't stand The Entry Level collumn, and think computer audio is the work of the Devil.

Facebook, digital streaming, iPods: they are merely tools and as such can have all the value (or not) that people put into them. My analogue system is my pride and joy and I have 25 years worth of vinyl to listen to, but my Sonos digital streamer is amazingly conveinient when I don't have the time fopr my LPs.

Facebook can be a medium for petty and shallow narcissism, or it can be a useful means top connect firends and family from far corners of the globe. Oh yeah, just like the entire internet is! I bet the FB haters were suspicious of email only a few years back too!

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Vinyl should be admitted because I still remember the excitement of purchasing "Frampton Comes Alive" on vinyl, riding my bike home with utter anticipation. Upon arriving at home I learned that Aunt Hulda, from South Dakota, was in town and the vinly listening session would have to wait. You can't get this excited over a CD. 

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I was ready to vote when I saw the soundstagedirect email until I saw the dreaded word "Facebook." My next move was to delete the email. No way I would join fb for any reason, not even to support the beloved lp. 

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C'mon Michael, fb is not for critical thinkers, fb is evil and dangerous for humans.

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Don't borther.. the contest is already over.. the entry period was the shortest I've ever seen for an online contest..  no..

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Can I still have the records?

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And I missed it.  Oh well, Analog Planet has been good to me for a long time! 

I'm suprised by the consistency of the facebook hate too, but I do understand it.  Any time I'm asked to post or like... Ughhhh.. what a pain. 

It's still a pretty cool idea to have this historically important album promoted like this. Robert Plant sounds pretty amazing (along with everyone else), and the lp's quality is fantastic! Really punchy and quite dynamic sound. 

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Even if the contest wasn't already over and I'd probably not be eligible anyway because I'm Canadian I wouldn't even consider joining facebook.

But thanks for asking...

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Facebook is a no go.  Please keep this in mind for the future.  

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Hate to say it but the most votes you would get would be from the Boomer group who grew up on Vinyl, and we don't do FB.

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Would love the Zep box. And seeing our beloved (long time hi-rez) format acknowledged would be swell. But that said, as folks before me have already stated, you would have to put a gun to my head to see me sign up on f-book. Sorry, it ain't happening. We need an alternative.

spammers suck!

Happy Listening! ;^)>

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never mind....      

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