HIGH END Munich 2021 Postponed Until May 2022, Show Covid19 Victim

The parallel event, the IPS – International Parts + Supply, is also postponed

The HIGH END 2021 trade show, planned to take place in Munich from September 9 to 12, 2021, has now been moved to May 2022 due to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH reached this decision after a reassessment of the current situation and in close cooperation with the Board of the HIGH END SOCIETY e.V.

The world’s leading audio trade show will therefore return to its usual spring timeslot and be held at the MOC Event Center in Munich from May 19 to 22, 2022. The IPS – International Parts + Supply event, which was due to be held alongside the HIGH END, has also be postponed until the new year and will open its doors for the first time on May 19 and 20, 2022.

Although the halls and atriums of the MOC are fully booked and a detailed hygiene and infection protection concept has been carefully developed, the organiser believes that taking this action at an early stage is necessary given the current situation. “We have prepared for the event extremely well and were confident that the HIGH END and the new IPS would be able to take place this autumn despite the changing conditions,” states Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the event organiser, the company HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH. He regrets that all hi-fi fans will now have to wait even longer for the annual industry highlight due to the postponement. “That said, we have to adopt a far-sighted approach to maintain the trust of our exhibitors. Given the slow development on a global scale, we believe that the current situation is too uncertain. The risk of having to cancel the event at short notice is simply too high,” explains the experienced trade show manager.

Given that the pandemic is not being curbed as rapidly as hoped, nobody can foresee whether an international trade show would actually be able to take place with satisfying results for everyone involved in September. When planning and hosting their trade shows, Stefan Dreischärf and his team put everything into providing their exhibitors with optimal conditions for successful business. What’s more, the organiser is aware of its continued responsibility to protect the health of all parties involved and guarantee planning reliability. With the prospect that the current measures will have been significantly eased by next year, and global travel is therefore likely to be possible with no limitations, there is nothing to stop the HIGH END and IPS from providing a successful and enjoyable trade show experience in May 2022.

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Since its height in the 70s, hi-fi has slowly but certainly turned into an industry of old gadgets / designs built into increasingly expensive containers, a ewe in astrakhan lamb’s clothing if you will.

Gone are the days when we used to visit shows to encounter something truly revolutionary. Today, if you can get past cables the thickness of boa constrictors, it is yet another DAC, SET amp (why? My 1954 car radio has one...it distorts), another RIAA preamp copied from a 1974 magazine...

So, September, May, 2025...it makes little difference. But Munich is beautiful, as is its opera house with its multi course restaurant to enjoy during intermissions.

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....hi, munich is very beatfiful and the people are nice, whether this all comes together in the MOC i dont know ;) you should definietely go to one of the classic restaurants and eat a „Brathändl“ (which is a grilled chicken bavarian style), after Covid of course.
however, what I can surely say is that my modern gear i am having sounds significantly different from what I had in 1993. So there is a big step forward in transparency and dynamics. Huge difference. Which by the way does not say the old equipment i am still having sounds bad. Summing this up I think the sonics level of a modern cartridge for my record player is a true fantastic achievment (lyra). Munic by the way was and is the home of the former German Mark Levinson importer Sun Audio, who did a tremendous job over the years keeping old amps fit! (Greetings to Philip Krauspenhaar)

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“my modern gear i am having sounds significantly different from what I had in 1993. So there is a big step forward in transparency and dynamics. Huge difference. (...) Summing this up I think the sonics level of a modern cartridge for my record player is a true fantastic achievment (lyra)”

— I am sure that is true. But it is also akin to saying, “My 2018 Rolex keeps better time than my 1993 (wind-up) Omega. Still a $20 Swatch keeps even better time. Of course it is not as cool.

Thanks for the Munich food recommendations. I went to the very first Hi-Fi shop in my life, as child, in Munich. At the time they had these giant Swedish Sonab speakers. They made such an impression that I now have a pair (not yet the OA2212s but one down, the OA116). They were amazing then and remain as amazing today and not boy-racer cheesy like the Wilsons some people have. Just very time-consuming to match and replace 16 tweeters if you want to restore a pair.

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Remain a fool
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Your comment makes me wonder why (if) you even care about audio and even commenting on it. It doesn't seem to be a passion of yours, e.g I don't comment on car stuff because it is just is a necessity for me, audio seems to be the same to you. Enjoy the music, but let it be at that.

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RMAF will be next to cancel. Will this ever end?

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Is your comment based on some information you received or just speculation? I ask because upon learning of the Munich cancellation a couple days ago I set my sights on Denver instead.

If you're correct, the Ascot show (which was well presented and well attended last time) may be the last man standing. The Seattle organizers decided to hold off til next year and I'm not certain what's happening in Long Beach.

Get your shots folks - I'm Jonesing for a trade show!

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My comment was just speculation. I have no information that RMAF will be cancelled and I dearly hope that it won't be necessary to do that. It's just frustration and what appears to be a new reality.

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...and keeping my fingers crossed

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Is still on as of now.

I already bought my tickets, but I don't have my hopes up too high yet.