I'll Be Everywhere, Man!

The two day event "Making Vinyl" Berlin begins Thursday, May 2nd. Munich High-End 2019 begins Thursday May 9th. What to do in between?

Here's what: On Friday evening May 3rd following the conclusion of "Making Vinyl" Berlin, I fly to Geneva to visit CH Precision and record a factory tour. On Sunday I visit darTzeel for another factory tour. Sunday evening I take a train ride to Winterhur, Switzerland to visit Thales, which in addition to manufacturing turntables and tonearms is now manufacturing EMT cartridges.

On Monday evening I fly from Zurich to Prague, Czech Republic where I will be greeted by a representative of GZ Media. On Tuesday I tour GZ Media and then fly back to Berlin where I will be picked up by a representative of Optimal and together we will drive to Röbel/Müritz, Germany where Wednesday I will tour Optimal Media

Wednesday evening I will fly to Munich for High-End Munich Thursday, May 9-12th.

Then I fly home! But wait! There's more!:

On Saturday May 18th I fly to Brussels and then take a bus to Antwerp for the weeklong EISA convention. That's why I write "I'll Be Everywhere, Man"!

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Will you be giving a seminar in Munich?

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No. It's difficult doing that there.
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GERITOL! You’ll need it for this trip! I’m exhausted just reading the itinerary!

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Hi Mike , I picked up a Lp Called '' Big Bands Big Hits '' on the Readers digest Label ( RCA ) Uk Pressing year 1972.

this is a fabulous pressing so clear, and good renditions of sixties / early 70's tunes in big band style

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I hope you have a trusted to assistant to help with all these travel arrangements. Have fun.

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I hope you have a trusted assistant to help with all these travel arrangements. Have fun.

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For you Americans: Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.)
Michael, welcome to my country!

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you should nick down to San Sebastian for a relaxing few days before flying home.

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If you haven't been there, and have the time, you could visit Bruges. Years ago I was on a ferry from England to Belgium and I met someone who happened to be from Antwerp. I asked him, if he only had on place to visit in Belgium where would he go? I've already given his answer. It's a beautiful small town with plenty to see and do (all Belgian breweries represented!). I very much enjoyed my all to brief stay there.


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So awesome to love what you do and to continue to do it like no one else!
You are proof that living healthy and taking care of yourself can prove to be very rewarding.