longlivethequeen Wins the AudioQuest DragonFly

longlivethequeen, our randomly selected winner in the AudioQuest Dragonfly and Sydney interconnect sweepstakes seemed let down by our offer at first.

"Digital huh?"

But the random winner generator cannot be denied.

Now it seems Jon Pearson of La Grange, Illinois can't keep his hands off his prize. The Sydney not only makes a great interconnect but a stylish necklace, as modeled here by Pearson alongside the Stereophile October 2012 issue featuring Art Dudley's review of the DragonFly. Jon! Just because it's digital doesn't mean you can't use it. We may live on an Analog Planet, but it's just a tiny part of this hi-fi galaxy. Plug it in!

Just joshing. I'm sure Jon knows exactly what he's doing. Thank you very much for your participation Mr. Pearson. We truly appreciate it.

Smafdy Assmilk's picture

Congrats!! Enjoy it.

thomoz's picture

It's a really nice sounding device, Audio Alternative in GA allowed me to audition one at home and I was startled at the difference this little device made (usually an good to profound improvement, but some pre-1990 cds actually sounded worse when played thru it).  It doesn't play with Windows Vista but W7 and NT both work as does every flavor of the Mac OSX to date.  A pc or laptop with this in the USB port will stomp your sub-$2500 cd player - it's no joke.