Definitive Audio's Music Matters 12 Event Is This Thursday March 9th 5PM-9PM

If you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area, why not spend an evening at Definitive Audio listening to good music on great audio gear hosted by representatives from many of the industry's top manufacturers? I'll be there too.

The event will include the public debut of Classe's Delta PRE and Delta STEREO electronics and B&W DB series subs. Also the Definitive debut of Audio Research's Foundation series electronics, and DCS's Vivaldi digital gear and the snazzy-looking European Audio Team (EAT) B-Sharp turntable.

Tickets are advised (free) because space is limited. For more information including a list of industry honchos plus mug shots suitable for the post office, go to Definitive Audio's Music Matters site link. Hope to see you there!>p>

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Would love to hear about it!

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