Led Zep Files Identified

In the Led Zeppelin II review Analogplanet.com included two unidentified 96/24 files containing short "needle drop" excerpts, one sourced from the new 96/24 reissue and one sourced from the Classic Records reissue.

Sample 1 was the new 96/24 remaster.

Sample 2 was the Classic Records remaster.

That is all.

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Anyone who downloaded the files already knew this since the filenames identified them.
I downloaded them on Friday and just figured they had already been identified.

Some interesting notes:
I took the 2014 remaster file and shortened it down to about 30seconds with the same exact 30 seconds also from the 2014 24/96k files. I dis a Dr measurement (in Foobar2k) and found there was quite a channel imbalance in the vinyl version (sorry but I forget which channel). Could be the cartridge or the A/D converter front end or both ?
I then adjusted the gain of both channels to match (within .1Db) the edited HD tracks file. They sound very close so I now do think the vinyl was from these files.
Spectral analysis of both 30 second clips was only different at the extreme frequencies with the vinyl rolled off above 15khz.
The 24/96k HD tracks clip had some low level energy that peaked at 30khz. That was completely gone from the vinyl.
Oddly the low bass below 40hz was rolled off on the HD tracks clip but there was some energy there on the vinyl clip ??
Could be some rumble or feedback (if music was playing thru speakers) ??

I totally agree with Michael's comments about this remaster and like many wish I had got back into vinyl while the Classic version were still in print. They were already ridiculously over priced and even be worth more now ??

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I thought the file names were hidden. I'll make sure that never again happens! Surprised to read about a channel imbalance because the imaging was locked in and the A/D converter doesn't have balance adjustment... hmmmmm.
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Could be that the vinyl mastering changed the balance too ?
What cartridge did you use for this (something that you know is well balanced) ??

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I just listened to the files before I looked for the answer. I didn't even look for file names. Just clicked on the links and listened.

Not even close. The 1st sounded thin and pinched dynamically. The second one full bodied and full of dynamic, musical nuance. I was fortunate to have purchased the Classic Led Zep IV LP before at regular price. I also have a first UK Plum Atlantic. I'm not a huge Led Zep fan, but they sure are musical records, from a musical group.

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I noticed the file descriptions too and was wondering what is was that you were going reveal that we didn't already know?

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Yes, the Classic is well thought of, but for my money (and it can go for a lot) the RL is still the one to beat.

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That version has two insurmountable advantages:

1) the tape was fresh

2) Bob Ludwig cut the lacquers

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That was an easy blind sample. #2 is what I want and I'm not goin to spend $300 for it... Jimmy will release the AAA version next year saying they weren't done right. He loves to reissue.

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Any idea how does this version compares to the others?

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Are you still planning on doing reviews on Zep I and III?