Led Zep Reunion "Celebration Day" Triple Vinyl Release Pushed Back to February 12th

The long awaited triple LP vinyl issue of Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day scheduled for release in December in time for Christmas gift-giving but a no-show will finally be issued February 12th according to our sources. (We had been given a different date yesterday, not sure why the further delay).

The live 2007 concert dedicated to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun featured other acts but Led Zep's reunion was the highlight. Apparently the performance was so good only minimal studio overdubs were required.

The three LP sets are "in-stock and shipping to all points" we've been told. Meanwhile I'm sure the Blu-ray concert looks and sounds damn good too, but how cool will this 2007 reunion concert look at the tail end of your Led Zep vinyl collection?

Chances are it will sound good too, hopefully sourced from hi-res files. An audio only 48k/24 bit Blu-ray disc is already available. You could argue then, why bother with vinyl, but some of us don't have a Blu-ray player in our system and anyway, want the vinyl "just because."

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I will absolutly be happy to put this with my other Zep vinyl. Looking forward to hearing this great show in Zeppelins original format!

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Apparently the performance was so good only minimal studio overdubs were required. 

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Had mine ordered since oct and really looking forward to it. Had a boot vinyl version a few years back also a triple set but it was disappointing. Thanks Michael for keeping us informed you are the supreme ambassador from the analog planet. 

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I want to be honest: the CD sounds awful, the bluray is great to watch but equally disappointing soundwise. Yes we probably buy the vinyl set to add to the collection, but not because of its sonic virtues. It Michael does what he did with the Beatles vinyl review this one is going to hurt.

By the way, 'Sunken Condos' also dissapoints big time soundwise, no comparison to the excellent 'Morph the Cat' vinyl from a few years back. 

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The performance at this concert is awesome. No..it is not these guys when they were in their 20's.  They are in the late 50's or early 60's, and peform the songs spectacularly with 30 additional years of living, wisdom, and wear and tear on their bodies. 

The blu-ray movie is great.   I also have the cd's in my car, and keep playing them. Is it audiophile sound?  I don't know...just know I keep playing the cd's. 

Here is to hoping the vinyl is done nicely..will wait for Michael Fremer's review.



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The recording is a 48 Khz Pro Tools disater. It could peel paint.

There is a reason this shit stayed in the can for 5 years.

Horrible, horrible recording. The HDTracks download is punishment.

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They are very good, if maybe a little bass heavy. I wonder what the delay is about. I can ask.

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Need to fire up the RCM. I'll be listening to it today.


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JohnEric's picture

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