Legendary Loudspeaker Designer Andrew Jones Receives LA&OC Audio Society Founders Award

(Photo: Ben Williams)
Legendary loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones (KEF, Infinity, TAD/Pioneer and now ELAC) received the Founders Award from The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society December 8th at the organization's annual Gala. AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer was again asked to "roast" and introduce the recipient.

Unfortunately, no one video'd the roast, which according to some attendees was his best yet, so here's a home re-creation that while not quite as good as the one delivered live before an audience still gives you the gist of it. There was an unusual "wrinkle" however, in that Andrew has a "mirror image" twin, Owen who is also an engineer and it was Owen who introduced Andrew, so Michael introduced Owen. Michael also appeared later onstage as Queen Elizabeth and again (luckily) no one recorded that either!

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and fails miserably. Again.

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Speaker shakes hands with subwoofer.