Lousville's Funhouse Records Adds 300,000 to the Store's Inventory

Louisville’s Funhouse Records just acquired 300,000 plus records from a Texas based “junker”. Five years ago Funhouse owner Bill Barriger “had little interest in used vinyl records” according to Courier Journal reporter (and record collector and AnalogPlanet/Stereophile reader) Jeffrey Lee Puckett. (Photo: Michael Clevenger, Courier Journal).

Read the story and check out the photo gallery.

Barriger says he “…doesn’t know what (he’s) going to do with all of these records.” I bet you know!

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I can't tell whether I'd be fascinated, or horrified!

In my version of Hades, I'd be the store guy, but would have to play-grade each record before being allowed to sell it.

I'd love to know the price paid.

If faced with that pile and I had to pick my price, I'd probably only go for a thousand bucks. It's just too much for my little brain!!!

Thanks for the fascinating link!

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Haul of a lifetime. $55k shipped for everything ! He will make a lot of money over the next few years..... Wish it were me !

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I can see I t, and 6 records to the dollar, ish, is great. Maybe I’m just tired this week. I don’t know if I’d even wanna catalog the purchase!

Color me lazy this week.

Heck, I have a couple of LPs from last November’s Record Store Day that I have yet to play! My self inflicted punishment was skipping this spring’s RSD.

Thanks for posting the price!

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"They'll warp and they won't be good for anyone"
-John Hartford

Can't say I like the idea of storing that investment in what looks like a storage unit without climate control in the hot Louisville summer sun. Hope I'm wrong.

Still it's pretty neat story. Here's the link to the story in the local paper online:


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He could easily dispose of half of the records and still make a lot of money on this by the looks of what he showed off in the video. He could have a 4 for $1 bin and still make money on those records.

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most record stores I go to have 3 categories of records... ones you want and are in nice condition but way overpriced... ones you want but are in poor condition and at that point really doesn't matter what the price is because you won't buy them.... boxes full of $1 records that are either trashed or something that you would never listen to.... I hope he got a bunch of valuable records but odds are somebody who accumulated 300,000 couldn't have been too picky so my bet is he has a $55K pile of junk... but next time in Louisville I'll check it out

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You obviously shop at some pretty crappy stores. I only find those types of stores on a rare occasion and I travel the country and visit many record stores. It also doesn't sound like you watched the video. There were several albums of some value there. He could throw out 2/3 of what he purchased and sell the rest for a dollar and still make money.

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I enjoy how some people are absolutely certain about something with which they have zero personal experience. There are boxes of SEALED records. The entire stock of at least three record stores. Did you even bother to read this extraordinarily well-written story?

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Our experiences are very different. I too used to travel extensively and have been in record stores all over the US and elsewhere. I rarely came home with anything because they were over priced or trashed. I have much better luck on line like with Discogs. However, if he comes across enough Beatles butcher covers in good condition he might just pay for the whole load

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Haha! Yep!