Lyra Delos Phono Cartridge From Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a Lyra Delos Phono Cartridge From Music Direct (MSRP $1,650) we are giving away.

According to Music Direct:

The new design of the Lyra Delos allows the coils of the cartridge to stay aligned with the magnetic circuit while the tracking force is applied. What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means Lyra head designer Jonathan Carr has discovered a way to keep the angles in perfect alignment at all times. This allows the Delos to track better; clearly improving sound quality, particularly low-level resolution, dynamic range, transient impact, and immediacy. It delivers all the accuracy, detail and overall musicality all analog lovers crave.

Keeping the proper angular alignment prevents the formation of any strong and directional flux that could otherwise flow constantly from the magnetic circuit into the signal core, and enables the Delos' core to move with equal ease in all directions, for optimal performance.

The Delos also has a Microridge stylus on a boron cantilever for outstanding tracking, a non-parallel solid machined metal body for low resonances, and 6-N high-purity copper coils and nude construction for greater clarity. The result is clearly improved sound quality, particularly resolution, tracking ability, dynamic range, transient impact and immediacy.

This is no subtle advance, and one you’ll soon see creeping its way up into the more expensive Lyra line. Hear for yourself how a newer, better angle on LP reproduction can sound.

Click here for more info on the Lyra Delos Phono Cartridge.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

mikerr's picture

I am drooling for a new piece of audiophile gear... you guys have an excellent site. Thanks~

slowgeezr's picture

I hope it is better than the one I have now.

John G's picture

Love the site and the opportunity to win a new cartridge!

tamlor's picture

I've never owned a phono cartrtdge that cost over $125. What a blast to have one of these!!!

Epi Guy's picture

I would really like to hear this cartridge. I bet it sounds incredible!

moon unit's picture

I know it would sound great on my table...

jeffrosen's picture

Lyra makes great cartridges. Love to hear one of their new models

MacKat's picture

Oooh, this would go marvelously on my Technics 1200 (no, I am not kidding Mr. Fremer) :D:D:D

Michael Fremer's picture

Of course it would sound great!

ronfi's picture

As a previous owner of both an Audioquest 404i and B200L (which were Scantech sourced ancestors of todays Lyra cartidges if I remember correctly), I am excited about the possibility of winning one of these!

Joe Harley's picture

Hi Ronfl,


Neither the AQ-404 or the AQ-B200 (both great cartridges btw!) were sourced from Scantech (now known as Lyra.)

The first Scantech sourced AQ cartridge was the AQ-7000 and it's variants the AQ-7000nsx and the AQ-7000Fe5.

Good luck in the contest!

Joe Harley

flatmap's picture

Lyra makes lovely products; would love to hear this one.

PeteRoth's picture

If you ask Who Is Jonathan Carr, I guess Atlas would shrug, and I'll take the leftovers.  Bring on the "new angle".  My tonearm is ready!  cool

conjotter's picture

Wow. That Lyra would look pretty awesome attached to the tonearm of my VPI Classic.

malosuerte's picture

Does it work with Mac?



jesuswept's picture

I had a Lyra Lydian Beta cartridge that was mounted on a Rega P25 that was burgled from my house, so karma dictates that I win this thing.  

aerial7's picture

Nice Cartridge. Hope I win!

jimhb's picture

i would looove this!

jh4all's picture

Would be nice to own this!

mssisem's picture

Would be awesome to win!

mikeyt's picture

I want one...

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.'s picture

If I win I'll finally brake down and buy a tt.

selimsivad's picture

This looks great!

0819brinkmann64's picture

Nice to mount in my Brinkmann

ukiro's picture

Aaaaw, US only? A cartridge is small enough (and power grid independent) that this could've been open to a worldwide audience. 

FrostG's picture

Would be good if those who did not live in USA could be eligible as well for options like this. Good luck to whoever wins it.

figaro's picture

I would love to win this cartridge! Lyra makes great cartridges>




For a great site

Jim Tavegia's picture

I would like to win either of the previous turntables in those contests, but this, now this would really change how I listen to my vinyl. Put me in the hat, please. 

Martin's picture

I'm in, I'm a big fan of Lyra cartridges. Having a Skala and very happy with it.

I bought it based BTW on Michaels recommendation.

The Delos would work well on my spare turntable.

reddog's picture

Papa needs a new pair of shoes!!!

Kevin's picture

Very nice.   I would enjoy listening to.

vinyldaze's picture

What a nice thing to do, to whoever wins..

randy's picture

Oh my!

vince's picture

During the last contest I asked for more cool contests.  I am so glad that my voice was heard!  And, yes, I would love to win this!

bhutton13's picture

Perfect for my Scout

johnnylavallee's picture

This should be better then my Ortofon Red

mpego's picture

Too bad it's for US residents only. Please make these sweepstakes open to worldwide audience. I'm sure most of us living outside USA would gladly pay shipping (and taxes) for items won, just make it clear on the rules and anyone applying won't have reason to complain. After all Music Direct already ships overseas.

Good luck to everybody else!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

theshape31's picture

I appreciate the chance to win this amazing prize.  Good luck to all!

Curt's picture

This will look very good on my table. But the music is what I am looking forward to.

WJT's picture

to Mikey and Music Direct for another great giveaway.

Keep the news and reviews coming.


the matching mole's picture

I'd love to have such a lovely cartridge in my system!

Travis Klersy's picture

This would be a nice addition to my Dynavectors.

ghawkes's picture

What a great match this will be with my new Classic3!!!

grey17's picture

I haven't heard a Lyra before but this would be be very cool to win!

Moko's picture

I would love to hear the improvement a cartridge of this quality would sound in my system.

floweringtoilet's picture

Looks nice! Would love to hear it.

upsetter801's picture

Oooooh.  Something to go with my bottle of SPT!

Cavedude13's picture

This would be lovely!

Ryan_Pretzel's picture

Best of luck to all! I'm hoping for the best.

twoengine's picture

What a beautiful cartridge.

Purgerificus's picture

...since I didn't win last time. Surely you'll pick me this time. :-)

tflood's picture

Looks like a terrific product.

Slow Turtle's picture

Count me in, please!

Keoma's picture

I'm in. Thank you for this opportunity!

dswauger's picture

What a great contest and prize.  I bet the Lyra really sings.

dswauger's picture

What a great contest and prize.  I bet the Lyra really sings.

Wickedexile's picture

Thank you for another chance to win a great prize


mwaehner's picture


lewisleong's picture

This will blow away my Grado Gold with 8MZ stylus!

collinrobinson's picture

Hello. Please enter me for this exciting cartridge! Thanks.

Catcher10's picture

WOW....what a thrill it would be to win this cartridge.......My LPs would spin with joy!

Dobro910's picture

Listening to my new Lyra Delos cartridge on my Basis 2001 TT.

Mistermuse1's picture

Would love to try this!

donA's picture

I have always wanted to hear a Lyra cartridge.

docbebop's picture

Count me in; my Ortofon is getting a bit long in the tooth...

drewmb1's picture

I'm currently using a Soundsmith SMMC 1 because it's supposed to be a MC giant killer.  I own a SUT that I would LOVE to use with this DELOS to prove if the Soundsmith is truly a giant killer or that I've been missing out on using a MC cartridge.

kennyb's picture

Very cool looking cartridge!

mdcomdial1's picture

Please include me.

Henry Please's picture

This would be a welcome upgrade. 

cfitz's picture

Another killer give-away.  Would love to listen to this on my rig.  

amcevoy's picture

Congratulations on the excellent new A.P. site.  I visit every day.

When did I ever win anything?

mr_phillip's picture

A nice shiney new Lyra would make me and my faithful Garrard 401 very happy :)

lcater1's picture

Sure would like to hear how this compares to my Benz cartridges..........

Steelhead's picture

Should be an excellent addition to the analog front.

My ole re-tipped FR's are getting long in the tooth like their owner.

Would be neat to try and listen to  a "modern" design

Thanks for the opportunity.


johnemcgregor's picture

Would love, love, love to own that cartridge!

Mercury 52's picture

Please enter me in contest.

stephenup's picture

My mc phono pre-amp is coming soon and I need a rad cart to send the lovestream through!

ptmconsulting's picture

Not only does it sound good, but it is a pretty looking cartridge too.

zonula's picture

I'm a poor dad with a one year old that loves music, this puppy would make a whole family happy,

A canadian fellow vinyl lover

morserotonin's picture

This one is on my list anyway!

questfortone's picture

Just bought a new Rega table and this would be an amazing upgrade !!

pbda's picture

Love the look of this cartridge.

kremercup's picture

I'd be honored to own such a magnificent work or art!!

mrwrightkkpsi's picture

Never had one quite like this.  Good luck to everybody.

frank's picture

Great brand, and looking forward to winning it.  Pulllleeezzze.

Rolnero's picture

That would be great treat to my old Dual.

cobra_verde's picture

Lyra. In my head, that rhymed.

matt1234's picture


HalSF's picture

Like the taxi-cab colore scheme. Want.

fdroadrunner's picture

This looks like a great cartridge, and I am in need of something to replace the old AT cart I've got - it tracks well, but that's about all I can say for it.

Thanks so much for the site; I've really learned a lot.

Bromo33333's picture

I have always drooled over Lyra pickups - I would really be in heaven if this were to be sent my way!

jgossman's picture

I'm in.

tomE's picture

I also am saddened that I'm not eligible. Are all contests going to be this way? I do like the site and have learned a lot from Mikey though.

audio3000's picture

Thank you Michael and Music Direct for giving us a chance to win a great cartridge! Very exciting! 

mrclnglr's picture

but I'm not holding my breath. :-)

Truebeliever's picture

It would be way cool to win!

Don E.'s picture

This will make a great spare cartridge for the VPI turntable I'm soon to win here!

jmayzurk's picture

This would be the perfect companion for my VPI Classic!

beaur's picture

Need to upgrade my de Capo.  


Shep's picture

This would take me straight to the top of the analog food chain.

only analog for me's picture

 This looks to be a possible upgrade to my 25 dollar 25 plus year old Grado cartridge, at least this one has a diamond attached, but will I like the "new and improved" sound? better keep " Mr. stubby" just in case....

DocSamG's picture

Great company to deal with

jjgr's picture

Great site - keep up the good work!

JJW's picture

Bring it on!!!

orangejazz's picture

She's about due for a replacement.

SpinMark3313's picture

Yes please.

Enjoying the site and all the spirited interaction BTW...  

djv1972's picture

As a long time customer of Music Direct and an order placed for a Music Hall MMF 11.1, I'd love to mount this goody. Got my fingers and toes crossed!

Cam08529's picture

Pick me......pick me !!!

torturegarden's picture

For years and years I have dreamed of a yellow and red phono cartridge. Now I just might have that chance.

Box860's picture

This sounds like it would make for a fine upgrade.  I'd love to hear it.

nogan's picture

This would take my system to the next level. Pick me.

hughbaun's picture

I have experience with only one other MC cartridge.

I'd love to hear this one.

it's gorgeous too! It would look great on the busness end of my tonearm.

BarakaPDub's picture

I am totally game for a new cartridge and Lyras are some of the best.

burnspbesq's picture

Heck yeah, I'm in.

Maxlax's picture

Bring it on!!!

Indydan's picture

I would love to have this cartridge!

Westrell's picture

Awsome. My first moving coil.....

himynameisjuan's picture

gonna try a little reverse psychology here:

don't give me that  phono cartridge, see if I care..

(okay, okay, I do..)

michaelcazares's picture

thank you so much for choosing me as the winner you gays are the best

MrRom92's picture

Wow, this cart may put my JICO tipped m97xe to shame. :) good luck to me!

danielb77's picture

Been saving up for one of these for a while after it was recommended to me!  Great to find this contest and maybe a chance to win one!!  I've never owned an MC cartridge and can't wait to hear one on my system!!



AndyPrice44's picture

I literally found this site a few days ago on accident when I purchased michaels 21st century vinyl. I purchased the dvd to help me setup a VPI classic 1. I am glad that I found this site as there is a wealth of information here about correct turntable setup. There are very few sites that actually explain how to do these things properly. I just got my classic 1 home yesterday. While I was doing research for a cartridge, the lyra delos kept coming up as a good match for the JMW 10.5 arm. I have read nothing but good reviews of this cartridge. I would love to have this cartridge for my classic 1. Please sign me up


otaku2's picture

Would I need to replace my Philips 312 if I won this?



dschian's picture

I've always wanted to hear a Lyra. Would sound great on my table, I'm sure.

Quite a racy design- a real zinger! Would certainly match with the darTZeel NHB-458 amps that Brin and Page are going to buy me as a holiday gift, yes?

NRVinyl82's picture

Sign me up!

VagabondJ's picture

Which I love but would love an upgrade to compare too!

roscoeiii's picture

I happily submit my name as a candidate in this cartridge sweepstakes. C'mon lady luck!

whaleyboy's picture

That Lyra is beautiful - I bet that it will sound fantastic on my VPI :)

preamplified's picture

In my never ending quest to rid the world of terrible MP3's and bring vinyl back to the masses I have stumbled upon this wonderful website. And naturally the chance to win an awesome cart has motivated me into entering the competition.

So dear dieties of natural selection, the very same ones that have allowed thousands of years of evolution to produce humans who in turn applied their accumulated knowledge to produce fantastic machines to listen to music on, intervene for me in this competition of random selection and let me win this cart.


liuj88's picture

Perfect timing. I'm looking for an upgrade.

Mfalcon's picture

To play records of course.

jeff0000's picture

I would love to win a new Lyra Delos Phone Cartridge.

Thank you for the opportunity.


Arkoffs's picture

I'm totally up for taking this for a test drive.

DaleF's picture


jimel84's picture

I bet that this would be a good match for my RB700.

It would replace a well worn OC9 MKII.

GFaulk's picture

If I enter enough contests, I'm certain to win something. Still waiting.

Packgrog's picture

I'm curious...

kfringe's picture

My Dynavector is on its last legs. This would be a fine, fine change of pace.

sonnenwender's picture

Looks great. I wonder how it would sound with my Rega turntable

jdubtxn's picture

Then I could have an excuse to upgrade everything around it..

longlivethequeen's picture

Hey Mikey,

How about a contest where the winner gets an all-expenses-paid trip to hear your mega-buck system?

deauguie's picture

Count Me In!!!  You can just install it on the VPI Traveler I'm going to win. (Just kidding)

This would be a great upgrade for my Scout.  Always wanted a Lyra.  Now's my chance!


ishmael's picture

my next upgrade is a new cartridge

sure would be nice to get a freebie

Ddncons's picture

This would be an especially nice addition to the turntable!

innergroove16's picture

Another great contest!

DLKG's picture

I want to win this please.....



Wasatch's picture

Would love to own this cart.

JC1957's picture

Me sir! Me sir!