At Making Vinyl 2018 "The New Business Model Filling The Vinyl Pipeline"

Hosted by AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer and featuring Chad Kassem (Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions/Quality Record Pressing), Josh Bizar (Music Direct/Mobile Fidelity), Cameron Schaefer (Vinyl Me, Please) and Jay Millar (Sundazed), this lively panel discussion features vinyl industry pioneers specializing in high quality all-analog reissues, a newcomer who built a successful subscription service and a spokesperson for an eclectic label that began reissuing on vinyl at a time when the industry declared the format dead "oddball" and obscure artists along with many well known ones.

You are sure to find their stories both interesting and enlightening as they explain how the reissue business works as the vinyl resurgence has resurrected major label interest.

The panel began directly following a half-hour "networking break" so at first there's a lot of talking and background chatter as people re-enter the room and sit down. It soon quiets down, so don't let the "walla" distract you!

The story photo is the listening room generously provided by Ann Arbor Michigan's Paragon Sight and Sound. Thank you Larry Marcus! Last year I complained that no music played at the meeting (plus I knew most of the attendees had never,/i> heard high performance vinyl playback) and Larry generously obliged. Record Store Day founder Michael Kurtz is seated on the floor on the left while Analogue Productions' upcoming UHQR pressing of Axis:Bold As Love played. Mind blown, mission accomplished!