"Women In Vinyl" Panel at Making Vinyl 2018

At Making Vinyl 2018, the "Women in Vinyl" panel produced a wide-ranging discussion that mostly stuck to business and occasionally dealt with being a woman in the business world generally and the music business specifically. The first panelist to speak provoked the audience with a spirited defense of the compact disc (you youngsters look that up) and from there the back and forth generated a well focused perspective on the business of vinyl from a female point of view. And yes 'Women in Vinyl'" does sound like a John Waters movie.

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There have been plenty of panels throughout the years. Just wondering why the video quality and camera positioning (what does the moderator look like) was not up to the quality of other panels I have seen?
Loved the topic and the insight these ladies provided. Indeed, food for thought and very interesting.


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By the time of this panel, both of my HD camcorder batteries were spent and I was left with my Canon camera's video function, which is decidedly low res. It was that or not record the panel and so there really was no other choice.
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Man, women sure seem to be close to non-existent in the chat forums as well as in audio the manufacturing industry. I wasn't sure initially if "Women In Vinyl" was analogous to Soylent Green.

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Karen Sumner (Transparent Audio) EveAnna Manley, Jozefina Lichtenegger, Bea Lamm (VTL), Eunice Kron, there are many others in addition to the panelists presented here. Chat forums are another story. I avoid them myself.