Marantz TT-15 Turntable with Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM Cartridge plus MoFi Accessories from Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a Marantz TT-15 Turntable with the amazing Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood moving magnet cartridge from Music Direct (MSRP $2020.00) we are giving away.

According to Music Direct:

This turntable package will also come with a handful of new Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LPs, a Mobile Fidelity Record Brush and Mobile Fidelity Record Care Fluids. Music Direct will even throw in a custom made dustcover. This special package has an estimated value of over $2,000. Howís that for a holiday give-away?

Marantz really killed the competition with their complete turntable package, the Marantz TT-15. Designed by Marantz and built for them by Clearaudio, the TT-15 is a contoured acrylic table with an outboard motor, a very thick, inert acrylic platter on an inverted bearing, with special anti-resonance isolation feet and a sophisticated tonearm with an anodized Aluminum armwand. To make this analog package an even better value, the TT-15 comes complete with the fantastic Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge; one of the best sounding MM cartridges we sell! We fell in love at first sight...and at first listen, we were even more impressed.'s esteemed Editor-In-Chief Michael Fremer enjoyed his time with this table. In his Stereophile review he wrote about his time with the table. Good luck to all the Analog Planet readers.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Hoping for the best. 

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I'm in.

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Good luck to all.

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I'm all in. Thanks!

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Please sign me up for the giveaway !!

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Wow!!! Nice piece!!

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Sign me up for this one!

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...fingers crossed.

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Thanks for the chance 

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This would be an awesome replacement for my debut III. 

Hoping fot the best!

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I think I can, I think I can...

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Sure would be nice....

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I am without TT so this would be sweet!

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Love the blog, Michael. Thanks for all the info you provide.

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One of the most beautiful tables I have seen for a while. 

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This would look really nice on my bookshelf!

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fingers crossed!!

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Great looking TT!

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Thanks for another opportunity to perhaps win!

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This would be nice for my second system. Shouldn't there be a MoFi record on the turntable?

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This would make my year a whole lot better!

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Been eyeing this turntable and cartridge combo for a while. Seems like a stellar deal!

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Someone will win . . . . . so why not I?

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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I'm in!

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Do they still make records?

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This would be great for my daughter who has hinted she wants a turntable for when she goes away to college.

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...nothing gained.


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My daughter is in need of one.  She caught the vinyl bug!!

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and I am in. :)

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If you read the fine print sweapstakes are for U.S resident's only. Pity. International shipping is common these day... I'm sure winners outside the U.S would be happy to pay shipping costs. Maybe this could be made clearer in the main post?

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I always could use a new turntable. Hopefully this time the luck is with me.

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I've GOT to have it!!

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Help me out!!!

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would be great upgrade for me!

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I'm in!!!

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I have admired the styling of this deck since it came out, I'd love to own it. Happy holidays fellow record lovers!

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Turntable turn turn turn!

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Here we go for a free ride on the turntable.

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I've been very good this year!

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Loads of great information!

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This will be my first...

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Maybe I will be lucky this time. 

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If I don't win, there will be an airing of grievances!

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for another great giveaway. Hopefully I'll win this time.

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Could use another tt!

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This thing will sound great on the mobile platform on my bike!

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Is that about to change?

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Much appreciated!

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 It looks very nice, one can only hope.

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Win from my favorite etail music store?

Bes is the BEST


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OK I'm registered. i need an upgraded turntable. Am I the only one?

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I would like this please.

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mraudioguru's picture I'm due!  :-)

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Why not me?

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to win something

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Great contest!

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Fingers crossed...

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Best of luck everyone!

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Nice prize package, would make for a nice upgrade to my system.

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Count me in

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This would solve all problems.

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Owning this would be sooo amazing.





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Me likey a Marantz TT under my tree! 

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Damn not a shabby prize by any means. Would be happy to take it home.

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Count me in, had this table and sold it prematurely. Want it back, count me in please.

I never win anything, make this the first.

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Love to have this turntable. Maybe i'll win!

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Yes please

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This would make a great......

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desperatelly in need to change my pro-ject debut (

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I would like to be the Clear Audio champion.

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Have just the place for it.

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This would be a great intro for a person new to vinyl

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I'll take one ,please.

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That looks a beautiful's hoping its my turn to be lucky.

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In my listening room!

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I wish I would win.

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I could hear it already....the sound of vinyl

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....beginning for 2013

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Thanks !


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This physics teacher is ready for Winter Break! Good luck on the sweepstakes everyone.

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Caught the Vinyl Bug

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Does it come with the 6 eye ;>)

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Please pick ME!

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Please pick ME!

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Sweet turntable 

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that must save me some, er, sweepstakes karma? right?

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Bet this wood sound great through my Marantz 2216B phono stage.

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Count me in! Crazy good stuff.

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my current turntable runs too slow and the speakers keep going out. it's also the size of a buick, so not that easy to take to get fixed. this one, however, looks like a beauty!

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Oh! oh! oh! pick me!

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would compliment my 70's marantz, 2220b! great site with plenty of great articles and reviews!

dang! no canada love:(

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Still need to replace my 26 year old vinyl spinner

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A turntable upgrade for the holidays sounds great!

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I love this blog - both for the content and the contests! I've read so much about this turntable. I'd love to be able to spin my own vinyl on it!

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But either way it's great someone will get a wonderful turntable!

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Another great contest. Nice looking turntable.

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Sure looks sweet!

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I'm in.

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Thanks MF/AP!

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That would be something, it really would be something.

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So toss my name in the hat! Thanks.

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yes i could.

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... and maybe, just maybe, I'll win a Stereophile giveaway before I die...


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Analog gear rules!

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Please let me win!!!

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I used to have a Marantz Receiver that was awesome. I wish I still had it.

I would LOVE to have this turntable as a major upgrade to my system.


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I'm in.

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Somebody wins.  

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It would definitely move me up to the next level of listening pleasure.

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makes my mouth water more than a cheeseburger

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Got my fingers crossed!

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for a good friend of mine. Looking for a decent turntable.

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i want it ;-)

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Channeling my inner Dirty Harry to hopefully win the turntable...!

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This is a cool lookinG unit. Please Santa.

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Bring it on. I still need a turntable.

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looks awesome!

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...for these sweepstakes!  That Marantz is really cool!

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for it

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Me!! Thanks for the giveaway.

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especially when they're free

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thank you

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I really like the clean looks of this table and I liked the sound when I heard one. Put it under my tree, please.

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God help me!

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It is a beauty.  I believe it is based on a Clearaudio design (Emotion).  No doubt it sounds as good as it looks.

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When using a high-end turntable, you are not just listening to the music; you are connected to the music.

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I always wanted a true high end turntable. Thanks for the chance to win one!

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That'd be nice.

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Pick me!

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Bet it sounds as good as it looks. 

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Bet it sounds as good as it looks. 

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I would love to be considered for this giveaway. Thank you to Analog Planet and the manufacturers for making this available.

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Dear Santa, forget the pony gimmie this!

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This would be a lot better than the crummy USB turntable I have

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Luck be a lady!

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This would be perfect for playing my new Sargent Peppppers LP

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Want a new tuntable to replace beaten and old Pioneer.

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Want a new tuntable to replace beaten and old Pioneer.

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Interesting cartridge

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It would feel right at home in any home...Merry Christmas!!