The Meze 99 Classics Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Meze 99 Classics Headphones ($309.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

What is it that discards the superfluous, the gimmicky, the flashy, the questionable, the overly fragile, the misplaced? The obvious answer would be time. And this is also the riddle of good design: very few objects achieve such a rarefied consistency of qualities. This is our aim with the Meze 99 Classics, the anti-fragility of a classic, with a sound on par with the design. Pure, natural sound in a timeless body.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Hayduke's picture

Very nice headphones!

Hajidub's picture

I do not own a pair of phones!

MikeT's picture

I would love to have these. Please!!

Kurt's picture

Is it too late? I love receiving free things!

daveming3's picture

I would be honored.

DLKG's picture

Wow, They are nice looking headphones. I love the conical shape. I wouldn't mind a new pair of headphones. A bunch of years ago I wanted to start this thing where I get a new pair of headphones every Summer and I haven't done it yet. Maybe this will get me started !!!


kruhlin's picture

As long as I don't have to put all those parts together :)

DaveC's picture

Count me in and I hope I win!

RubenH's picture

think of beauty!

man on the dune's picture

im in!

theboogeydown's picture


KWarn's picture

I really do need some new phones. Please pick me.

Rumblestrip's picture

Who doesn't like a nice set of cans to play with!

8thman's picture

With the Meze 99's I can.

Eddie Barzoon's picture

Would love to upgrade from my Sennheiser HD600

DigMyGroove's picture

...beautiful headphones!

rakemup's picture



michaelj's picture

I vant those.

warpig's picture


StonedBeatles1's picture

Pick Me!

sjtm's picture

Pick me!

minormist's picture

Yes, please!

randybass's picture

wonder how they sound.

kronning's picture

...choose me!

Vic Trolla's picture

I don't own headphones, could use a pair

kwolfdds's picture

Here's hoping I can win these beautiful headphones.
Thanks for the chance.

Prole's picture

& these look great.

jasonv's picture

for the opportunity!

donunus's picture

and the winner is...

donunus's picture

and the winner is...

Dobro910's picture

Looks like a great product, hope they sound as good as they look. Good luck to all!!


naknut's picture

Hell yes!! I'd love to have these.

dayday's picture

for this opportunity!

Auric G's picture

Oh,.... right!

stephsrecords's picture


stephsrecords's picture


upinsmoke's picture

would love the opportunity to listen to them at home!

Miner42's picture


audiojohn's picture

Can me please!

audiojohn's picture

Can me please!

stellablues2's picture

They are very nice.

uniqueusername's picture

Consider me registered!

kramth's picture

Sweet! I want a pair too.

gringostarr's picture

Hoping to win

mrrobivan's picture

Would love to have these beauties!

Galemark's picture

Those are beautiful.

hrlaser's picture

Count me in - I'd love to own these gorgeous cans.. do they soundas good as they look.. I'm gonna guess.. "Well duh." ;-)..

doctorjazz's picture

I'd like in.

Rick_S1's picture

Yes, please.

frogmeat's picture

Damn sexy cans, pick me, lol!!

djcous's picture

I would love to get into the headphone side of this hobby

David Andrews's picture

Love to win these cans.

Stamper's picture

I am ready

je00143's picture

I would love a pair thanks.

tallguy's picture


Daveinolympia's picture

As I have never won a random drawing before, these headphones would be a great place to start. Thanks Michael


lomarti's picture

Cant wait to plug them in and zone out.

Jakers's picture

thanks a million for entering me in the contest

Steelneal's picture

Would love to hear them!

michael815's picture

Thank you in advance.

Bluesbob's picture

I'd like a new set of "cans"!

b9at627's picture

love a pair of these.

exiler's picture

And the winner is...

exiler's picture

My Precious!!!

rosiemax's picture

I am greedy,and undeserving.Hoping that backwardness rules.

the matching mole's picture

I'd love to hear how these sound with my McIntosh MC2505!

flowdrifter's picture

Count me in.

Pmckenna3's picture

These would make an excellent addition to my listening quality!!!!

gorkuz's picture

Pretty wooden earmuffs!

Onionsalt's picture

Look outstanding, hope I get a listen.

vinylrules's picture

Por favor! ;-)



Erocka2000's picture

I need these to make all the hipsters in my Greenpoint neighborhood jealous!

victor_rodriguez's picture

I've been using earbuds for years and currently have a pair that sounds really good, but these Meze 99 look so classy (OMG!) that they certainly deserve a try and keep.

concerto12's picture

Please please please!

AlienRendel's picture

I could really use these. My current headphones are lame.

arvin's picture

sweet my new headphones

Paynesgrey's picture

I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 580's years ago when my wife was pregnant with our son. They got me through a lot of long nights. Then the teenager discovered them along with turntables and they can usually be found in his room now, getting him through the night. He's leaving "the nest" soon and I'll be sending the 580's with him—-they were always really his, anyway.

bent river music's picture

year old sony's with something nice!

banksfriend's picture

earbuds just don't cut it for reliving the seventies.

Woofer13's picture

My system is in flux! These baby's would put a smile back on my dial!

gaplaus's picture

Love the wood and leather! Cool!

cement_head's picture

They look beautiful - be the wood adds to the dynamics

SLS's picture

pick me!

Bisbee68's picture

She needs a pair of high quality headphones!

LaserRanger's picture

I'd love to hear my AP copy of Head Hunters on these classy headphones!

adamhummer's picture

I really hope I win this! I'd love to have these! Thank you for having this giveaway!

thatbobfella's picture

for my ears of course!

rcwagner's picture

look like great head phones. would love to have.

Rouvin's picture

Ear peace

superduce's picture

because i need/want an upgrade