Mikey Interviewed on Jazz Station WBGO-FM For The New York Audio Show (and the subject turned to CDs)

"WBGO Journal" host Doug Doyle (shown in the photo trying to grab a Mosaic box from my warm sweaty hands) interviewed me recently for his radio show on the great jazz, Newark, NJ radio station.

The purpose was to talk about and promote the upcoming New York Audio Show April 12th-14th at The Palace Hotel, but the edited-for-time conversation was wide-ranging and you're sure to enjoy at least part of it. It aired last night and can streamed here

In addition, Doyle was kind enough to post the entire interview here.

Both will be archived "forever"here.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Great interview and some fun stories.  

cfitz's picture

Sounds like that show will be a blast.  I wish we had something like it on the west coast.

Michael Fremer's picture

The Irvine Show (Newport Beach) end of May.... it's the biggest in America. Always great.... GO!

vindu's picture

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cfitz's picture

I will definitely go!  I appreciate the heads-up.  Thank you.

You gonna be there?

Michael Fremer's picture

Yes, of course. I'll be doing a  turntable set-up seminar.

MTP20's picture

Can you reveal which pressing of Pet Sounds you will be playing on Saturday?

CCLaireYe's picture

Jazz really works wonders with my existence herein the world, maybe without it I would no longer wantto live more. - Integrity Spas