More Record Store Day News

Two recently announced Record Store Day offerings may interest you. One is from the jazz label Newvelle. The other is from Reverb LP, the online record marketplace created by reverb, a website for buying and selling musical instruments and accessories.

For RSD Newvelle will for the first time offer individual LPs from its by subscription offerings, that are otherwise only available in the company's box sets. Records available from the first three Newvelle seasons include Jack DeJohnette's Return, Noah Preminger's Some Other Time, Ben Allison's Quiet Revolution and Don Friedman's Strength and Sanity (all from Season One). Go to the above mentioned link for all available titles. Newvelle's RSD pricing is $60 each (instead of $72) plus free shipping. Here's a great opportunity to check out at least one of the label's offerings without having to shell out the "full boat" for a season. You can also order Season One, Two, and Three full subscription box sets (6 180 gram LPs in a box) for $360 instead of the regular price of $400.

Reverb LP's RSD offering is truly unique: the website has partnered with Burger Records, Zia Records, Superior Elevation, Seasick Records, and more record stores across the United States for a Record Store Day “treasure hunt.” On Saturday, April 13, Reverb LP will hide “holy grail” and other rare records that fans and collectors at participating record stores can find and purchase for just $1.

According to the press release: "Among the records that Reverb LP will hide in participating record stores is an original pressing of Alice Clark’s highly sought-after 1972 self-titled album. A timely selection, the cult classic—which has been acknowledged as one of the best soul albums of all-time—will see its first official worldwide LP reissue by Wewantsounds this Record Store Day. Visitors of participating record stores could also find the rare 1971 album Let’s Start Again by The Rollies, an original mono pressing of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, or a 1979 audiophile pressing of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon from Mobile Fidelity.

Each store will feature one rare record that is hidden and priced at just $1. In addition to the stores listed above, participating record stores include: Going Underground Records in Bakersfield, CA; End of An Ear in Austin, TX; Flashlight Vinyl in Minneapolis, MN; Daddy Kool Records in St. Petersburg, FL; Joint Custody in Washington, DC; and Music Millennium in Portland, OR.

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and my favorite Newvelle LP is Jack DeJohnette's *Return* - all solo piano selections and stunningly excellent recording. Among he finest recorded piano sound you'll find. This one is still available as I write this - - - a number of others are out of stock.

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Amongst our euphoria some sad news all too common now as rents increase beyond sales - Sydney institution closing -