Music Hall Turntable Sweepstakes Winner Announced!

Jeff Camden is the lucky winner of the Music Hall MMF-7.1 Turntable Sweepstakes! Camden has taken delivery of the turntable complete with cartridge, set-up tools and a selection of great new vinyl, all courtesy of Music Direct.

Camden assured us that unlike the previous turntable winner, he will not be flipping his prize on Audiogon. We're glad to hear that! So congratulations to Jeff Camden and be to enter the other sweepstakes currently underway on this site!

myheroiscoltrane's picture

For shame! Anyway, congrats Jeff, I'm envious! Enjoy!

JC1957's picture

Congrats Jeff.

Enjoy the music.

Jim Tavegia's picture

That's pretty sad. if you don't intend to keep and use the prize, not playing would be an honoarble thing to do. IMHO. 

Catcher10's picture

I have that table and it is absolutely an amazing product!! Look at upgrading the stock cable when you get a chance and the improvements only start from there.....


Enjoy it!

zahid12's picture

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