My 'Late Night With David Letterman' "Appearance"

Back in 1994 my voice made a "guest appearance" on "Late Night With David Letterman". It was a running gag throughout the show. .

I had not idea I was going to make an appearance. Here's the story:

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I there a pixel out?
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Mikey is one pixel short of full HD?

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Is that a copy of Music Matters' Maiden Voyage behind you out on the record shelf? Great record!!!

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I vividly remember the conversation on the Howard Stern Show and I must say that I was one of the skeptics, not because I believed CDs sounded better than vinyl but because I thought people just couldn't give up convenience for higher quality and the vinyl format was on its last leg.

Howard's volume was much louder than yours so he could naturally filibuster you. But you were right.