Mystery Solved!

The review of The Searchers-The Collection (, referenced a "mystery": why does an original Pye Searchers collection list Ray Prickett as the engineer, while this recent compilation says it was Bob Auger.

Today, this email from Jed Kearse arrived, that solves it!

"Regarding your review of the Searchers reissue, I can confirm that Ray Prickett was the engineer on all their sessions. Ray worked with Tony Hatch on all his productions including all of Petula Clark's hits. I worked for the late Bob Auger in the late sixties at Pye and he was a big fan of Bob Fine's. Most of the big hits from Pye were recorded by Ray. Ray had more hits in both the UK and US at one time than any other engineer. Ray is still working today, in fact we made twelve new albums last year. Having worked with Bob Auger, John Timperley, Mike Ross Trevor and many more fine engineers, I would put Ray at the top of the list, nobody has done more for recorded sound than Ray.Hope this puts the record straight, kind regards Jed Kearse, Soundline Recordings."