Nabisco's New Oreo Turntable Sounds Sweet! Or Tastes Sweet....

Nabisco recently announced a turntable that plays Oreo cookies. Pop any Oreo cookie onto the platter and it will play a tune. Take a bit out of it and it plays a different tune. Apparently it's been on the market for a few weeks and the company is sold out for now. It sells for $19.99. Sweet deal hopefully back in stock for Christmas.

warpig's picture

Mmmm Mmmm

OldschoolE's picture

I need to try to get one to send it to someone I know in the industry. It is perfect for a running joke I got pulled into.

JR465's picture

I hope one can adjust VTA cause Im all about Double Stuff!

Tom L's picture

Plus I'm afraid my record clamp will squash out all the delicious, deadly filling.

JR465's picture

Oooh, be careful Sir!

Genez's picture

Warning! It will only last you for about one half box of Oreos.

They imported these made with cheap Keebler Elves labor.

vinyl listener's picture

will it play other cookies ?


LarryRS's picture

Very sweet sounding initially. By the end of the first side it sounded so bad I tossed my cookies.

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We gave it away as a prize in our Oreo tasting party at our library (Kearney Public Library in Kearney, NE.). I'm director there and saw it in an ad.

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It sounds kind of crunchy to me...

Genez's picture

Warning! Its really a digital device!

" Take a bit out of it and it plays a different tune."

A "bit" out of it?

Jon's picture

Does the "vinyl" on this contraption have any of the "fill" issues that we sometimes find with under-baked modern 200 gram pressings?