Navigating Through Our "Shows" Dropdown Menu

Your editor hadn't looked in a while at the "drop down" menu under "Shows". When he did he was kind of shocked to see how few shows were there compared to how many have been covered.

A call to the webmaster revealed that if you click on "shows" rather than scroll down, it will take you to a page containing links to all of the shows we've covered.

Maybe you knew that. Your editor did not. Oh, the photo. Italy of course. The final Top Audio show in Milan.

Lincoln Matt's picture

Hasn't Axpona grown enough to get its own breakout and not just lumped into assorted shows? Isn't it the biggest N.A. consumer show at this point?

Michael Fremer's picture
And I agree. I will bring this up with the webmaster
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Mikey, will you be presenting at the New York show in November this year?